Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Step In It

Last week Dallas, Fort Worth experienced several rainy dismal days in a row.  My sweet dog, FAITH, is a total brat.  She’s way to good to go outside in the cold wet rain.  She’s such a puppy snob that one of us has to walk her out and coerce her to potty outside.  

Her back up plan is our game room.  We have dark stained concrete in this room and it’s very hard to see dirt much less globs of dog poop on the floor.  

On the occasional rainy day, I carefully double-check the floor before entering the room to see if she has committed a dastardly crime.  Last week, approximately 16 minutes after I had checked the room,  l strutted into the room with  complete confidence.  To my horror I felt the squish and knew immediately I had landed on fresh doggie poop.  

All plans are temporarily on hold when you step in poop. Immediate attention and action are required.  CRAP!  First, you yell for help!  When that fails, you remove your shoe which requires balance, careful not to make more of a mess.  Next you have to find the appropriate supplies for cleaning up the trail of stinky mess. It’s beyond aggravating and pisses me off to no end. It’s so disruptive and a good old-fashioned hassle.  

What’s dog feces got to do with FITness?  Allow me to paint the parallel to this smelly comparison.  Sometimes you have to literally “step in it”!  You have to step ALL up in it and let it squish between your toes…FITness that is! You’re in a real fix and up to your ankles in dog crap weight gain. 

Clean up time.  Step in and get sweaty.  Sure, the odor is pungent and the work is hard.  Make the process a priority.  Sure, you have other “THINGS” to do but how is that working out for you?  The weight gain is all over the floor and it’s spreading to your hips and thighs. 

FITness is a hassle before it becomes a habit.  ~Angi Abercarombie

Do yourself a favor, clean it up and get your mojo back.  Work through it. Don’t just dodge the pellets in the room…or in this case your fluffy mid section.  Listen sweet pea, so you have a lot of crap to work through. FIT get about it!  Get on your hands and knees, wipe off the smirk on your pretty little face and dig deep.  Trust me, it’s way better than sweeping hiding it under the rug those big bulky clothes.     

Like my mut, you’ve been a brat. You have been misbehaving and eating buttery rich foods. You’ve been lackadaisical happy houring with your colleagues and whataburging late night.  You have created an inner tube like wine waist and a muffin top.  Your clothes are uncomfortable and snug and it’s causing problems. Wake up tomorrow and step into your tennis shoes and pull on that tight sports bra. Getting dressed for FITness is half of the clean up battle.

The first few moments and or workouts really stink!  It can feel like taking a few rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson…a total beat down.  Keep mopping punching!

Honey, would you dare invite company over and leave the dog mess all over the floor?    Clean up the mess…step on the bike, elliptical or hit the road girl and get after it.  The energy and endorphins kick in and before you know it….the crap is in the garbage.   Making time for cardio is consuming but imperative.  Otherwise the stench saturates into the cracks and there are no more notches on your belt loop.   Make 25-35 minutes to tidy up.

Sometimes you’re faced with an all over the place kind of situation. You have several areas to scrub down. Get in the kitchen.  Clean out that filthy pantry and bag up all of the O’s!  The Oreos, Doritos and Cheetos have got to go.   Stock your shelves with EAT SMART snacks and nuts.  Pretzels, veggie straws, oatmeal and low sugar cere  Fill up the fridge with fresh vegetables and lean meats. Click on the ‘I Don’t Cook” category on my blog page for more details on food.  Make friends with meal prepping.  Sure, it’s a laborious task but the pay off  is dropping a jean size! Put down the french fries!!!

So step in it & clean up, clean up, everybody , everywhere.  Clean up, clean up and lean out before summer is here!

Love, clean and live lean!

Merry Christmas 

Angi xo

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