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That girl

For the last six years I have had the privilege of training one special quirky little ray of ☀️ sunshine.

That’s twice a week, two hours or more a week stretched out over 6 years!

You could say that we know a lot about one another.  It’s quite astonishing how in just two or three hours a week you can really get to know someone.  Over time both us would know when either of us might be having an…off day (aka an argument with the hubs or kiddo).  We complement one another when we recognize new bright sassy highlights or hair cut.    We share and openly discuss our weekly juggles and struggles!   It’s nothing short of a delicate friendship coupled with sweat and sometimes tears.

So this one girl in particular just cracks me up!  She works so hard with undeniable passion and vigor in my training studio. She gives me every ounce of energy and push from her sweet soul.  She cares deeply about her form on each exercise (as we all should) and is a brutally honest rep counter!  This doll doesn’t cheat which explains her fat free frame!

When Ms. L (sadly she didn’t want to be named in the article) first began her FITness journey she could barely complete one full sit up without my assistance. (proof that we all start somewhere). She wasn’t over weight but she was weak and soft!  She also had a jacked up elbow from years of tennis.

6 years later, Ms. L  is my strongest and most FIT individual in the gym.  Her figure is fantastic. It’s dainty and muscular!   She is living proof that regular dedicated workouts turn flab into FAB!  She has maintained her lean FIT frame and at 58 years old she’s hard as a rock! Despite some non threatening ailments she has ambushed consistent challenging workouts with a stellar attitude.

Now I would be remiss if I didn’t tattle a bit… on both of us!  😳😬

Because I was unaware of her growing strength, her first little mishap was loud and quick.  Ms. L accidentally snapped one of my bands in half.  Thankfully it barely missed her cheek!  Naturally it scared both of us so we paused to let out heart rates come down.

Many many workouts later, I had her positioned on the treadmill walking backwards at a steep incline.  I had turned away to set up the next station and was unaware of the big balance ball close to the treadmill.  Suddenly I heard my name called at a very high pitch .  Sensing it was a cry for help I turned around to see the bottom part of the treadmill totally inverted and running. Ms. L is holding herself up on the side rails of the treadmill in a tucked position like little kid.  The balance ball had rolled close to the treadmill and through the inertial, was sucked up under the treadmill.  It looked like the treadmill was eating her and basically closing up on her.  I yanked the treadmill emergency stop rope and removed carefully removed the ball and eased the treadmill down.  As you can imagine we had big laugh out of that one.  However…the last story takes the cake.

I hope that through words I can relay this story and you can find a tenth of the joy and funniness we experienced.

This was a cardio workout station that I had explained countless times over the years.  This particular morning Ms. L, a ball of fire, came to workout about 6 minutes late.  I said “why don’t you hop on the elliptical and warm up going backwards.”  After about three minutes I glanced across the room in her direction and  she was literally positioned on the elliptical  backwards attempting to move her legs facing away from the machine.  Talk about awkward and goofy.  What’s now funny to me is that she didn’t balk or argue.  She was really trying to make it work.   Y’all,  I  couldn’t even call her name to tell her to get off because I couldn’t breath from laughing so hysterically.  Then, she started laughing because I was laughing but she wasn’t sure why.  When after about 3 minutes of solid full on belly laughter throughout spurts of giggles, I tried to explain that I only wanted her to ride the elliptical and pedal backward.   Oh my heavens I wish I had a picture….I laughed, she laughter and we still laugh!  Classic misunderstanding!

So imagine  Ms. L on this facing backward attempting to stand and move her legs in the opposite direction.   😂😂😂 

My side hurts just thinking about how much joy this and many others bring to me!

I love you Ms. L!

Love, laugh loud and flex proud! 💪🏼

Angi xo

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