Bringing Sweaty Back

I have this friend…

This is me after I met my greek goddess friend. She inspired me to work my ABS OFF! So I did! Here’s the story! #abercrombiefitness #core #abs #lean #ripped #dedicaiton #dicipline #frienship

Abercrombie & FITness

Y’all I have this friend… she’s a real life Greek goddess. Like seriously for real!  Her genetic blood line is Grecian and she’s NATURALLY built like a female FITness model. She is amazing, sickening and beautiful all rolled into one.



I inherited this doll when a close friend began dating after a divorce.  I have to say I was a bit intimidated by her stature and stunning beauty.  Whoa nelly!  Fifteen years ago I had never ever been up close and personal with a friend who actually had a picture perfect physique.  Yes, I had girlfriends who were tiny and hot BUT this chick was different.  She was proportioned, lean and muscular.  I had seen the FITness models in magazines and on the bow flex commercials but this was something else.  No airbrushing on this girl.  Eat your heart out KARDASHIAN clan!

In jeans, her butt was like BAM, rounded…

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