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Happy Meal

Roll back the tapes for a moment.  Do you remember when McDonald’s first introduced the Happy Meal?  I sure do!  It was 1979.  I was about 6 or 7 years old and a prime candidate for begging, whining or whatever ir took to get one of the newly launched HAPPY MEALS!  As a bright-eyed young girl I just had to get my hot little hands on that perfectly quaffed over priced cardboard box stuffed with a greasy burger (ketchup meat and pickle),  french fries and a plastic prize.  Anybody else with me?  Surely I have some 40’s somethings out there who recall the small box with the cut out top handle that tainted an entire generation!  I can’t be the only kid that would swear it just tasted better in a Happy Meal box.

Man, this literally had to be every parents worst nightmare because basically they were paying for the fancy packaging and some two-bit ten-cent toy that most likely was a choke hazard!  As a mom, I vowed not to fall victim to the “kid’s meal deals” because I’m way smarter than that.  Of course what I hadn’t factored in was an over stimulated screaming toddler in the back seat demanding a sponge bob square pants happy meal because she needed to collect all four toys!!!!!  REALLY!?!?!

Those days are long gone and now as a real life “grown up” I don’t frequent McDonald’s or any other fast food chain much these days.  However, just because I’m a rational, money conscious, coupon clipping, Groupon scanning grown adult, doesn’t mean I don’t relish in my own kind of HAPPY MEAL!  ←click on this to a link called but I’m still hungry…

With age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes knowledge and knowledge breeds power.  I possess the power to partake in a “Happy Meal” every single time I dine.  Isn’t that divine!

Below, I have outlined a few of my most cherished FIT  & Happy Meals. They won’t leave you hungry or lacking in flavor.  These are some zesty and tangy weekly food choices that keep me satisfied even without a toy.  These happy meals offer high protein low carb options that produce weight loss and lean muscle.  These are all considered to be an Abercrombie and FITness approved food.  They have my blessing and stamp of approval.

Abercrombie and FITness approved HAPPY MEALS


  • Ahi tuna tower and water with lemon
  • Bento Box – small salad no dressing, 6 tuna or cali rolls, three slices of sashimi, miso soup, fresh wasabi and ginger and orange slices. Water with lemon or green tea
  • Sashimi
    • smoked salmon, tuna, yellow tail


Spicy terryaki chicken (sauce on the side) steamed vegtables, no sauce and brown rice.

Asian chicken salad, cabbage, oranges, almonds, cilantro, hold the cheese and peanut sauce on the side

Tom Kah spicy coconut chicken soup

Pho – chicken, jalaepno, bean sporuts, peppers, onions and tofu – NOODLES are an exception


Grilled fajita chicken salad – hold the dressing, hold the cheese and hold the tortilla strips & sour cream, garnish with salsa and or lemon and lime

Chicken Fajitas grilled dry with onions well done, hold the sour cream, corn tortillas, and no grated cheese

Grilled fish tacos in a corn tortilla , skip the cheese and sour cream , garnish with onion, jalapeno, cilantro and lime.

Bowl of tortilla soup, hold the cheese and tortilla strips


Thin crust cheeseless pizza with double chicken and veggies

Grilled chicken breast,  marinera on the side for dipping, side of whole grain pasta


Turkey burger, hold the bun, with lettuce, spinach and tomato, avocado and mustard or ketchup

Baked potato dry, skip the butter, sour cream and cheese,  garnish with salsa, salt and pepper or corn or ketchup

Scrambled eggs (4) 2 yolks 2 whites OR a egg white spinach omelet with jalapeno and a toasted english muffin with jelly, hold the butter

Marinated pork chop or chicken grilled to perfection, a steamed garlic spinach or carrots,or asparagus and a baked sweat potato dry.


Grilled salmon or tilapia served on a bead of Cajun steamed rice or quinoa with a side salad, no dressing and sliced avocado, garnish with lemon or lime

None of these meals come in a box or at a drive through window.  However they do come with a surPRIZE!  An internal and external SURPRIZE after effect!   The metabolism loves these happy meals and in return uses these friendly earthy foods to properly energize and restore the body.  Also in some cases, these meals come with dessert…better than a drug store toy if you ask me!  Below is a list of my GUILTless most favorite desserts!  You need to know that I never turn down a piece of wedding cake…it’s a celebration by george, and I’m there to celebrate good times.


Wedding cake

Lemon iced cookie

Frozen fat free yogurt

There you have it folks.  These meals make me happy AND keep me FIT.  I never feel cheated or unfulfilled.  Each meal has a lean meat or fish prepared to my satisfaction and fresh vegetables.  What could make one happier?

The fried greasy sugary processed foods that come in fancy neon packaging will only leave you fat and frumpy.  And so it goes with the drive thru, pre-packaged processed crap being advertised every three minutes on prime time TV.  It’s the cold hard reality.  Very few take out joints are doing a decent job.  I give Wendy’s and Chick-fil-A a three and a half star rating.

I love happy meals and happy endings…just ask Mr. Chicken Fry.  Happy Friday folks!

Love, dine and let your lean muscles shine!  

Angi xo

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  1. Oh do I ever remember the Happy Meal! I lived in a small town and no fast food so when we traveled there was a huge amount of begging and whining for one of those cardboard boxes! My friend and I would even save the empty box so we could continue to small the fries-how addictive and sad is that! I have long since given up that habit! 🙂 Thanks for the meal inspiration, there are some really simple, great ideas here!

    1. Well hello blessings from the beach! What a fun surprise you leaving a comment! Thanks for stopping by and what a great blog name!!! Yes to the happy meal I was also a chicken nugget snob back in the day. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

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