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I have this friend…

Y’all I have this friend… she’s a real life Greek goddess. Like seriously for real!  Her genetic blood line is Grecian and she’s NATURALLY built like a female FITness model. She is amazing, sickening and beautiful all rolled into one.



I inherited this doll when a close friend began dating after a divorce.  I have to say I was a bit intimidated by her stature and stunning beauty.  Whoa nelly!  Fifteen years ago I had never ever been up close and personal with a friend who actually had a picture perfect physique.  Yes, I had girlfriends who were tiny and hot BUT this chick was different.  She was proportioned, lean and muscular.  I had seen the FITness models in magazines and on the bow flex commercials but this was something else.  No airbrushing on this girl.  Eat your heart out KARDASHIAN clan!

In jeans, her butt was like BAM, rounded, tight and perfect. Her waist and abs were like  POW KOW…razor sharp like animal teeth. Her arms veiny and ripped with immense definition.  I was in jaw dropping shock and awe.  My first girl crush.  The icing on the cake was her street savvy sense of humor and charming heart. OK,  I guess I’ll be friends with  her???

After several double dates, Mr. Chicken Fry and I were invited to join our friends for a quick weekend getaway to Miami, Florida.  I almost blew champagne through my nose. Cough cough, excuse me…dinner was one thing, but did I really have to spend 4 days on the beach next to Miss BOOTY of the year?




I started squatting on the spot! I was lunging to the bathroom and down the side-walk.     And what about those abs?  YIKES, I will most definitely wear a one piece for sure!  Not really but it did go through my mind.   Now, please keep in mind that at this point in our new friendship neither of us had kids or a lot of responsibility. (those were the days)

From that day forward, my FITmission became to get those abs!  It was then and there on the beach in Miami that I knew it was actually possible for me to have serious defined abs. If she could do it, I could do it. I had a plan to butter her up and get her to the gym so she could spill all of her FITness secrets.  I would get the “KAT” out of the bag!

apogee-st-marteen-2009-033While the guys were off playing golf, we hit the gym before a leisurely lunch. I was shocked that she seemed a bit uncomfortable in the environment.

What do you mean you don’t workout?  Was she tell me that this baffling beautiful body of her’s was natural?  I wanted to break up with her immediately.  What do you mean?  You just look like this without any real dedicated workout?   Well then, you must eat super awesome or you don’t eat at all?  Spill it honey! Do you have a super human high metabolism or are you a freak of nature?  Crap,  does this mean we won’t be workout buddies?

I was deflated because as it turns out she’s beyond blessed.  Gifted with good genetics and a lean frame. GO FIGURE!  Not to mention she studied dance from the time she was a tot up into her late twenties.  One of those one of a kind girls who don’t have to “really work” hard to keep weight off.  It happens.

Regardless, I had seen the possibility and I was hungry like the wolf for those razor-sharp abs.  I was determined to get as close to those that ripple effect as possible.

I would train and eat clean!   If it was leafy or green I was eating it.  If it was a lean white meat, I was eating it. Grilled fish, it was going down.

I started adding weights to my ab exercises. I had certain core exercises that I would do every night (even on the days I lifted).

weighted leg lifts

weighted side dips and bends

weighted ab tucks and crunches

I trained my abs and obliques every day! Girls, I worked my ABS off.

Literally.  I started eating tons of lean protein and little by little the obliques and abs started to pop.  Hello,  I was ready to unveil and exploit my abs.  Next stop St. Barts!


As it happens, my friend married this celestial lean and limber girl and fifteen years later and a few gazillion trips to the beach, we are still friends.  She is and will forever be FIT as a fiddle.  She now admits that she hits the weight room a few times a week for squat practice.  A girls gotta lunge and squat to keep her derraire up in the air!  She also conceds that cheese burgers and pizza are a rarity and more like a cheat meal.


My sweet quick-witted friend still holds the infamous title of Miss Booty… 15 years and running.  She graciously bestowed me the title of Miss Abs 2000 and running!  This meant a lot coming from this flat stomach.  She isn’t even sucking in!  WOW!

 I will tell you girls…it’s a work in progress. Getting a tight core and building and muscular /flat stomach takes  discipline.  Eating a clean diet is 80 percent of the work.  Especially after having kids and crossing over into the 40’s.

Never give up!

Lay the ground work.  It is possible.  If I can do it….you can do it.

WHAT FRIEND or FITness pro HAS INSPIRED YOU?  SHARE the story and share this story with your friend!

Love, peace and hold those abs tight please!



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