Bringing Sweaty Back

Tid Bit Tuesday: a nap vs a workout 

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Abercrombie & FITness

I place a very high value on the reverent, incredible magic we call SLEEP!  It’s an essential part of the routine. My sanctuary, aka my bed, is hands down my happiest hello and my hardest goodbye.

Growing up, I was a superior napper. Even in high school and college I remember coming taking 45 minute to hour naps.  I was blessed with a natural ability to fall asleep just about anywhere, anytime.  Some might refer to me as a modern-day on demand sleeper.  

I should admit that while I yearn for sleep, the nap doesn’t really work for me.  In terms of restored energy, I think the nap is a full-blown buzz kill.  The term “power nap” insinuates that after an allotted short snooze, that one will wake up feeling rested and energized.  This is NOT the case for me. Personally, after an abbreviated nap, I feel groggy…

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