Bringing Sweaty Back

Happy Birthday 

Good morning sunshine!  Today is my 44th birthday and I’m feeling extra cheery and giving. This is why today you are getting an awesome butt whipping killer workout. The birthday especial!  

Forward lunge…switch w a Jump lunge come up and repeat for 16!

Jump lunges for 20 reps

Push ups for 20 reps

Decline full sit ups with a 8 to 10 pound med ball 

Spin bike for 1 min 

Lawn mowers 15 each side

Repeat 4-6 sets 

As for me, I already crushed this bad boy at 8am!  Now,  I relinquish myself to a good old fashion cheat day!  I’m usually more of a cheat meal type of girl. However the BIG 44 has me hungry for all types of dessert!  Coconut cream pie sounds amazing or any type of lemon 🍋 flavored cake or iced cookie will do!  I wouldn’t turn my nose down to creamy buttercream icing on a cup cake either. 

How was your weekend?  I have to tell you what happend yesterday. My teen queen plays girls lacrosse. This season has been super spotty for her because she has been nursing an pelvic injury. In any case she made up her mind she was going to play, pain or no pain, in the season end tourney. What’s important to know is that she and her team mates have WON this tournament the last three years. I did what all moms do and lubed her up with Blue Emu spray and Blue-Emu lidocaine cream. Every little dab will do you!  

On Saturday the team won both games and my  sporty teen queen shot a goal in each game. So proud of her zest.  

Sunday morning the team was fired up and won their third game in a row. The final championship game would be against an opponent hungry to strip the title away from the Coppell girls lax!  We were having none of it. Our girls were determined to defend and take the title home yet AGAIN!  The game began and it wasn’t pretty.  In a matter of 8 minutes the score was 3-0 not in our favor. When we finally scored the ref called it back for some silly rule no one had heard of!?  Finally before the half  we scored a goal which brought on a little spark. Luckily, right before the half, we scored again and but they quickly responded. We had several other bad calls that gave the other team a big big advantage. We went into the second half down 4-2. 

The heat was on! The tension was thick. Right away one of our girls won the draw and ran it down for a spectacular goal. 3-2!  After 10 minutes it wasn’t looking good. We were down to 3 minutes. My baby girl caught a pass behind the goal. She pushed and came from the back side  of the goal, rolled out, fired a shot and scored!!!!  She tied the game up and just like that….old Mo reared his head!  In talking about MoMemtum!!!!  Have you met him?  The adrenaline kicked in and our team was focused on the victory. It was electric!  My mom chest was beating ultra fast!  Another face off and we lost the draw. We forced a drop and took another drive toward our goal. We took the shot and by giidness it went in!  Less than 10 seconds to spare!  It was intense.  Winner winner winner chicken dinner!!!!!!!  

Champions. Sweet victory was ours!  The crowd roared and the girls stormed the goalie and took her down!  It was priceless!  ​Cheers exploded worth of a Super Bowl. 


The win and the fact that my all star teen queen played a crucial role in turning the game around was unreal! 

Sometime all you need is a little what I like to call FITmentum to get the focus back. It can. Be as simple as a 2 pound loss 👊🏾!  Or squeezing back into that little black dress!  

Keep the ball rolling down hill and ride the wave of FITmentum. 

Love, lift and get FIT!  



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