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The FITting room: sports bra tops

I desperately needed some new sports bras and workout tops.  I have a variety of choices in my workout drawer but there comes a time when every girl must wave good-bye and part (sad day) with her favorite go to’s. Over use, smelly sweat, washing and drying eventually take a toll on my workout gear. After a while even the best material and fabric wear down. (hello three to 5 years is an Abercrombie and FITness lifespan)   For me, what matters most is SUPPORT!   I jump, pound the pavement, and hop around therefore support is crucial and a mandatory must have.

It’s been a while since I have had a FITting room post. Mainly because any shopping I do these days is usually for the teen queen. As I have previously mentioned, I don’t get strung out on labels.  I have active wear from Nike, Under Armour, Old Navy, Target, Wal-Mart, LuLulemon, and now, Athleta.  My young daughter has been the proud owner of a sports bra and pair of leggings from Athleta. Time for this working mom to step up her game.  So I went shopping yesterday and everything looked so dang cute. Athleta offers way more than just workout apparel. They also have enticing leisure wear, swim wear, yoga and active wear. Who knew?

Keep in mind all I was in the market for was a sports bra or two.  Y’all, I loaded up that tiny FITting room so fast it would make your head dizzy.  I tried on dresses, shirts, sweaters, tops, sweats and oh yeah some sports bras!  I couldn’t help myself.  The clearance rack was conveniently on the way to the FITing room so I took a long gander and pulled some goodies.  So sue ME!

Y’all, bra shopping is stupid. It’s practically war in the tiny square space.  It’s straight up battle squeezing in and out of skin-tight bra tops. Are you suppose to step in or go over head?  It’s a miracle I’m even alive. I almost pulled my shoulder-blade out of socket   trying to pull OFF one of the bra tops. No joke, I got stuck. Like my arms were over my head and I was in mid pull so I couldn’t see. (surly you are getting a visual or have experience this before)  I was panicked and afraid I was going to (A) either rip or tear the top or (B) have to expose myself in the unflattering predicament I was in. As luck would have it, I heard the sales girl holler so I yelled back for help!   (Thank goodness I’m from a long line of yellers)

I have not worn Athleta before so I wasn’t sure how I would size in their clothes. Every brand fits different. I tried on my size a 36 C in this super cute navy two for one tank/ sports bra top. The sports bra piece FIT fine but for me wasn’t quite snug enough in the chest.  I don’t want anything to MOVE!!!  Also, the tank part was way to blousy and long!  Sigh!  I sized down and it was much better.  The shorts (a close twin to the Luluemon speed short) caught my eye. I started with a small. I looked like I had been swallowed up. Y’all this can’t be real people sizing. I’m wearing a xxs?!?  Really??  XXS is for like an anorexic ballerina type which I’m NOT!  I’m a proud and FIT 5’4 1/2 weighing in at 122-125 ish. I’m a solid muscular size 4. Not a doubt x small??

I fell in love with this fully focused sports bra and the cute back strap it side but they were out of my size. 😞😕
I did not care for the length of these cute patterned yoga shorts but they were too cute so I had to try them on.

This form FITting cotton dress is wonderful. It’s clsssic, basic and would be a perfect piece for day to night. Wear it with flat sandals for work or lunch. It would pair nicely with a sweater. Jazzy it up with some heels and jewels for a night out!  

While this little black dress fit like a glove I had to pass strictly because I only NEED a sports bra. (exercising self-control) :0

I tried to step out of my comfort zone and get giggly with it. I opted to try on one of the new middies sports bra tops and all I can say is aaaaghhh no!!!  It’s a not for me girls.  If I were 25 then maybe. This soon to be 44-year-old, no waist having body, does NOT need to be wearing this style!  Have it youngsters…she’s all yours!

These great shorts confused me. This is one of those lines between FITness and casual wear. The fabric was fab. I loved the fit and the back pockets but the drawstring through me for a loop. I couldn’t see me wearing them as a workout shorts per say…but they were seemed too tight to be leisure shorts.  PASS!  I was going to link it, but couldn’t find them on their website.  

So I did what any other right minded mom would do, and purchased two of the exact same outfit but in different colors.  This way I can get the biggest bang for my buck and mix and match my way to a healthy tight and toned physique.

Guess what girls…they have a refer a friend program.  


See a style you know your friends will love? Invite them to shop at Athleta through the Refer A Friend program & they’ll get 20% off 1 reg price item in their first purchase*. Best part? You’ll get 20% off 1 reg price item when they make their purchase AND you’ll get the same offer for every additional referral. Let’s get our sweat on!

*Offer valid for new customers only.

Lastly…they generously offer free shopping on $50 or more.  You can buy one sports bra and a head band and make that work.  Or one pair of shorts. 😉

And so it goes I have two new pair of shorts and two workout bra tops to sport this week. I can barley stand it. I’m ready to get busy lifting in my new duds!

Ps there was a large sale rack full of sweaters and cotton sleeveless dresses like the black in I tried on.  Great prices! And who knew we sue need a sweater on may 4th?

Love, support and eat ice cream with a fork ! 🍦 

Angi xo 


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