Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Get GLO’in

It’s Glo time at Glo Sun Spa.  Where class, convenience and beauty come together for a blissful spa experience.

Glo Sun Spa is a new wave automated spa.  I recently visited Glo Sun Spa in Coppell and  you might say I’ve become a regular.  I’m hooked on this all-inclusive corner spa that smells like a fragrant bath!  It’s porcelain, chic and very zen like on the inside. And one thing is for certain…it’s not your grandmother’s tanning joint. BECAUSE IT’S NOT JUST ANOTHER POP UP TANNING JOINT!  I completely misjudged this swanky place.

Glo Sun Spa offers a wide variety of services and memberships.  The concierge style of service is uncompromising.  They offer a slew of services such as spray tanning, high-end UV tanning beds, and numerous spa services.  (more about the spa services scroll down.)  Click here to find the nearest Glo Sun Spa to you.  If you visit the Coppell location use referral code:ABERCROMBIEFIT

Next, the AHHHmazing spa services. For starters…a yoga sauna room, skin rejuvenation facial, cryotherapy booth and facial, cocoon slim pod, FIT body wraps and my personal favorite, hydration station.  Aren’t you ready to get glowing! 

Glo Sun Spa feels extravagant in a sense.  You feel important the second you walk in. Greeted by friendly staff and a full service coffee/tea and water bar.  You’re welcome to put on a robe and stay a while or zip in and out.  Don’t forget to use referral code: ABERCROMBIEFIT for a free week trial! 

I had no idea that massage chair envy was even a thing. There is none above this deluxe   KING massage chair.  It’s intrusive and obscene but man does it do a great job.  It gets all up in the crevasses and places that usually only a massage therapist would dare to go.  While it’s rolling it’s also compressing and relaxing your ENTIRE body.  It measures the length and width and does a number of things.  So while your face is undergoing infrared therapy light treatment your body is treated as well.  (this is all done in a private room at Glo Sun Spa.)

I chose the infrared light anti-aging therapy. Because who past the age of 40 can’t use a little pick me up for the fine lines?  This treatment is non-invasive infrared facial session.  It’s designed to promote collagen and even out skin tone.   (in many cases will dissolve age and sun spots)

Step one:

Cleanse the skin

Step two:

Massage the serum all over your face.

Step three:

Remove your shoes and be seated in the massage chair of your dreams.

Step four:

Place the UV eye goggles in place and sit back and relax for 20 minutes.

20 whole minutes of shutting down.  No cell phone, no book, no social media.  Just you and your thoughts and the massage chair.  Meditate, pray, focus on the heated massage and or catch a power nap.  There is zero downtime after this procedure.  As for me, my face gets a little pink from the heat but it goes away in less than 5-10 minutes.

When the light first comes get ready because it’s big time INTENSE. It’s almost blinding but after just a min or so your eyes adjust and begin to relax.

There is also an infrared Blue Light option which is better for treating acne.  This would be a safe alternative to drying topical agents.


I’m most impressed with the facial results. I did 2 treatments a week for four weeks. What I have noticed most from the infrared treatments are my face is less ruddy and red. My broken capillaries aren’t near as noticeable and my skin has more of a consistent tone and texture.  I also feel that hours later my skin looks like it has a GLO (no pun intended) and slightly more dewy.  I know it’s not just my imagination because I recently received two compliments on my skin which never happens.  Proof that the infrared  is rejuvenating and working.

Before a treatment (no filter) cleansed face
After three treatments (no filter cleansed face)
After my 4th treatment my skin is a little pink)
After my 8th treatment (fresh face even skin tone)


Have a special event? Wedding, prom, vacation, or exciting see and be seen party? A Cryo facial is the way to go for a temporary tight perfect skin and neck look. For 48 hours your skin will be glowing! It increases elasticity and it feels amazing. It doesn’t hurt and there is zero downtime or side effects.

At Glo Sun Spa you can check in for several hours or check in for a 3 minute cryo therapy treatment.  If you have the time, stay and hang out in your robe and enjoy all of the membership benefits.   If your pressed for time, it’s never a problem to get in and out as your schedule permits.

To meGlo Sun Spa is like having a neighborhood luxury spa in your back door.


I would be remiss if I didn’t share about the “hydration station”.  This is a most excellent 20 minute relax session pre-spray  tan or UV tan session.  In a private room, you basically lay naked in this pod which produces steam and aroma therapy from the neck down.   The pod vibrates for a nice steamy calming massage.  The idea is that the steam opens the pores hydrating and infusing the skin.  Your body will feel like butter, soft and supple.  Follow it up with a spray tan and honey you will GLO from head to toe.  That’s a bet!

Check out these two Versa spa spray tan cuties. They opted for a light instant spray tan.

Glo Sun Spa recently became the Coppell Chamber of Commerce newest member. This is proof that this super salon is prepared for longevity. Vaughn is the store owner and manager.  He has hired a staff that operates with the upmost “client hospatilaity” cheery attitude.  When the staff isn’t greeting or setting up for a treatemnt they are busy cleaning and diffusing the salon.  You won’t want to leave, I promise!   

Come and join in on the GLO! When you visit Glo Sun Spa be sure to use referral code: AbercrombieFIT for a FREE week trial.

All memberships are billed on a monthly draft and range in price from $79 to $19 a month.  They also offer a family plan so all the mother daughters of the world can make it a day!

I have done almost all of the select spa services and I haven’t done one yet I didn’t love!  They are all clean unique experiences.   I feel refreshed every time I walk out the door.

Love, go and glo!

Angi xo

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