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Tell Only Your BEST FRIENDS!


I’m about to share an epic trustworthy secret with you?  Ready?  One small caveat, you can only tell your best friends.  (lol)

Here is the deal, wellness and FITness are a lifestyle.  I repeat wellness and FITness are a lifestyle.

It is for the REST of your LIFE!!

There is no InstaFIT or microwave, drive thru, click here get FIT fast solution.  The “pop a pill” era has proven false much like the other diet fads in the past 20 years.  People,  I have done it all.  I tried deal a meal, Tae Bo, Jane Fonda, the detox tea, the cabbage soup diet, phen-phen, ducolax, and complete starvation.  In totally honestly, it’s high likely that I tried all of these at the same time. SMH I wish I was kidding!  I put my poor body through the ringer.

I have eaten cottage cheese and beets for days because “they” said it would make me skinny.  I have tried grapefruit and who knows what else because I was promised it would help me lose weight.   I tried running in the Texas heat with heavy clothing and starved to death for days.    The point is, I have truly done the leg work the wrong way until I snapped out of it and woke up!

If there was a quick fix, I would know about it and or I would be using it.   ~ Angi Abercrombie 

Yes, I had some success once in a while with the fad diet or the workout of the week but it only last if you keep doing it.  Unfortunately those were not healthy approaches to living a quality balanced life.

Wellness and FITness are forever.  I know what you are saying…forever is a long time.  Have you ever seen the movie with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence called Life?  It is a hilarious comedy about two guys that go to prision for life!  At one point an inmate gets asked how long he is in prision.  He answers “ever”.  Eddie Murphy replies  “hot dang, you know it’s a long time when you take the “F” off !!!!!!”

Trust me, once you start living life with a FIT mentality it becomes second nature.  You don’t think about brushing your teeth in the morning you just do it.  I will train you and guide you on how to make FITness and wellness a daily habit!   The lifestyle part doesn’t just involve your outward appearance.  Would you purchase a health and FITness magazine if the model on the cover had disgusting teeth or dirt under her nails? I didn’t think so?   A FIT lifestyle is living healthy inside and out from head to toe.

As we move forward, I will cover skin care, FITness, workouts, cardio, abs, bootie secrets, meal plans, nutrition, make up, muscles, teeth, vision, hearing, vitamins, supplements, meal plans, nutrition, and weight loss, and movies!  I love movies.

Remember FIT= Feel good, inspire and train!  FIT is the new “F” word!!

Love, Live healthy and keep it sweaty!



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