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When is it actually okay to take a knee?  Hold up! Don’t freak out on me.  This isn’t a political rant about kneeling during our cherished National Anthem. Rather a FITness post geared to those who might KNEED some pointers. Go ahead take a knee y’all! The stigma around the proverbial "girly knee" exercises is just… Continue reading Kneeon

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We twist, turn and manipulate all kinds of stuff to get our way get a specific RESULT.  Often, we work backwards.  We put the proverbial "cart before the horse".  We do things out-of-order which actually over complicates things. BASICALLY, we do it the hard way. Just look at the word RESULTS - written backward, it doesn't… Continue reading RESULTS – STLUSER

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Custom Settings

LIFESTYLE.  This word "lifestyle" has me dreaming of luxury yachts, St. Tropez and premier "never lift a finger" service.  I can still hear the thick accent of Robin Leach and "I don't know why???" (no pun intended. and YES,  I'm here all week folks) My brain, maybe yours too, has been programmed to believe that… Continue reading Custom Settings

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The Chase (videos included)

Is life really all about "the chase"?  That familiar endorphin rush that passes on from generation to generation and stands the test of time.  The chase is older than dirt and right up there with "mud-slinging".   Right?  I mean, playing games and pursuit of a challenge is not a new novel idea. You're thinking,… Continue reading The Chase (videos included)

Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

I’m so sore

"Help, I'm on the toilet and I can't get up." The first week of a new workout routine can be excruciatingly good. Which makes about as much sense as "jumbo shrimp".  It's a particular kind of agony that you're notably proud of but also makes you want to cry.   Those first few training sessions usually… Continue reading I’m so sore

Bringing Sweaty Back, FITness Videos, Muscles and Mascara

Making a Sweep

There is just something wonderful about a sleek sweep.  That sultry pronounced curve on the backside of the leg just below the knee.  Surly you have seen it before, maybe in a magazine or on a really FIT human being.  I'm talking about the precious little crook underneath the back of the knee called the… Continue reading Making a Sweep

Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

By now you know…

By now you know that I'm not the FITtiest FITness guru of all times.  I'm not the most professional FITness person you know. I like to eat, I like to wine and I like to workout and snack on sweets.   I want to be FIT, I want to have super tight sculpted muscles most… Continue reading By now you know…

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Tuesday testimonial: Cynthia

One year ago this week, my girlfriend and neighbor Cynthia called and scheduled a private training session.  My precious friend came in the door looking skeletal and weak. I was concerned when the scale revealed she weighed only 100 pounds!   My beautiful friend was skin and bones. Cynthia, a lively and giddy gal, had… Continue reading Tuesday testimonial: Cynthia

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Are you a slave to the scale??

Hi, My name is Angi and I was a scale -a-hlolic! I weighed myself as much as 8 times a day or more!  Naturally, I hid this nasty little addiction from my husband and friends. After all, why did they need to know that a 5 to 7 pound flux on the scale was driving… Continue reading Are you a slave to the scale??

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Tell Only Your BEST FRIENDS!

Hello! I'm about to share an epic trustworthy secret with you?  Ready?  One small caveat, you can only tell your best friends.  (lol) Here is the deal, wellness and FITness are a lifestyle.  I repeat wellness and FITness are a lifestyle. It is for the REST of your LIFE!! There is no InstaFIT or microwave,… Continue reading Tell Only Your BEST FRIENDS!