Bringing Sweaty Back

Two turtle doves & a wheel barrow(video included)

You better WORKOUT, you better flex your tris’s, you better not CHEAT, and I’m telling you why… because Santa clause is coming to town!  

I hope everyone is having a jolly good Christmas thus far. I hope your days and nights are merry and bright.  I wish for you to soak in a moment of  chestnuts on an open fire and for Jack Frost to nip at your nose!!  

I also cross my heart and hope that you are actively pursuing a workout regimen.  December is NO time to quit or cop out or get lazy.  

Baby, it’s cold outside so grab a partner, turn up the heat and get after it.  No, it’s not what your thinking, get your mind out from under the covers!  

It takes two to make a thing go RIGHT!!                                                                It takes two to make it out of sight!!!

I want you to phone a friend, find a friend, bribe a friend, blackmail a friend or beg a friend, or spouse, sibling, child or co-worker, basically any breathing human in your vicinity, to try these four exercises on for size.  They are furiously fun, they obliterate calories and each movement sculpts shapely muscles. Prove to your kids or siblings that you STILL got it.  Complete with your buddies or gal pals and see who can hold out the longest!  Where is your Christmas FITness spirit?  

Working out is amazing but adding a compadre into the equation is never dull! 


Partner Sit ups with weighted medicine ball – be sure that you both of lean back for a sit up each time.  DO NOT ALTERNATE.

Partner Push ups – HIGH 5

Partner wheel barrow – Have some fun with this one and really go the distance.  

Partner leg throws – be Sure to slap the feet down and provide resistance. 


Two is better than one which reminds me…A special thank you to Denise Piper for the partner love.  She had just finished her hour session and I forced her to stay and shoot the videos with me.  You are a trooper my lovely friend!  Thanks for you continued commitment and hard work!

What are your favorite partner moves?  Want to see more like this?       Leave a comment below or on my Facebook page.  

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