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Meet Stacy Benge

I would presume, unless you are a twin, that few people can say they shared time in the “hospital nursery” as new borns and continue to have a  thriving friendship 42 years later.

WE CAN!!!! Meet Stacey McGahey Benge.  We share a precious  relationship that began May 8, 1973…our BIRTH day.  Isn’t this so cool.  It even gets better.

From the maternity ward, we were fast friends in kindergarten class.  Stacey was FOR REAL my first friend. (sorry Salena). Our friendship flourished in middle school with slumber parties, dance class and cheerleading. We remained gal pals through high school activities such as choir, social events and church activities. Like many of us before social media, Stacey and I sort of lost touch during the college years and late 1990’s.

However, unbeknownst to us, the new millennium had planted both our families in Coppell, Texas.  Twice, between 2002 and 2011, Stacey Benge and I had a pleasant “surprise” bump in at the grocery store and a fast chit chat at the local tex mex joint. But, when I officially opened my training studio, January 2010,  Stacey came bopping in one day to sign up for Fall FITness Bootcamp.  I was thrilled when my fellow taurus came swinging her fat pony tail and tiny hiney into the gym.

Skinny BUTT is a better term… Stacey is 5’6 and weighed 103 pounds when she entered the gym door.   Keep in mind that as far as I knew, she never had a weight problem. Stacey had maintained her energetic spirit as a dancer/chooreopher and karate black belt.  HAA YAA!  Not to mention,  she is a wife, to a spry good old boy, mother of two “amazing” active boys and owns her own consulting business called Early Childhood Consulting.  She’s a GO GETTER.

 Five years ago, I reconnected with my childhood friend, Angi, and joined one of her back to school boot camps.  I enjoyed the  environment and I really noticed significant improvement in the 6 week program.  Therefore I committed fully and signed up for weekly group sessions.  Under Angi’s guidance and leadership, my muscle tone increased as well as my strength and endurance. I look forward to my morning workouts with Angi twice a week. Every time I leave a workout, I feel rejuvenated and recharged. Angi is more than a trainer, she is a genuine person whose compassion and heart transcend her gym. I am truly blessed to have Angi in my life not only as an amazing trainer, but as a true friend as well!


Stacey is confident and FIT.  I’m so proud of her progress and continued effort in the gym.  She put on about $10 pounds of lean muscle and has maintained her total body tone.  She is a true testament of consistant diet and exercise and proof that you can have it all!!

Love you girl!

Love, lift and be FIT!




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