Bringing Sweaty Back


This is been one of the speediest December’s of my entire life. The hustle and bustle bowled me over.  I must have deleted the memo on middle school madness!  Between the usual “to do” lists of daily living and holiday must haves, I was clue less in terms of the added teenage sports, performances and social schedules.  It was a fast and furious month.  The only peace and true joy I experienced  in the last 26 days was anticipating the divine gift!  Every morning I remained steadfast and focused on the one and only true gift which is Jesus Christ.

You see, I believe whole heartedly that Jesus was born to a young average virgin girl.  He came in the dark starry night in Bethlehem amoung the mud and muck. He came as an infant so unexpected because that is how the Son of Man rolls!  God, in human form, slips into this earth as a baby child. He came to us for us.

I also believe that approximately 33 years later, Jesus suffered the most excruciating inhumane death known to man. He was beaten beyond recognition, tortured, spat on and nailed to a cross.  He breathed in HIS last breath and was later buried in a borrowed tomb. A stone rock was rolled over the hole where His body was placed and three days later Jesus conquered death.  Hallelujah!

The Christmas story is wild isn’t it?  I mean I get that it sounds far fetched and difficult for some to comprehend.  It’s so amazing and creative that our human brains can’t grasp how miraculous our creator is!  No one piece of rare art or an intricate making of a space ship can even touch His work.  No medical cure, surgeon or work of a scientist will ever come close to the duties of the ultimate healer of our Lord.  No writer or Hollywood producer can recreate or animate His wonder!

Christmas is the ultimate and greatest TRUE love story ever told. He loved us so much that he came to live with us on the very earth He created. His plans are not of this world and are bigger and more plentiful than we can imagine.

The greatest gift ever given is Jesus. And the greatest gift you can ever receive is Jesus Christ. The best news is that it’s never to late.  He waits with great anticipation of you reaching for Him.  What’s more, no one person or act can EVER take away your choice to accept HIM.

Breath Him in, accept HIM into your heart. Make room for the baby child, the King of all Kings, the Holy one.

You can experience the divinity of Christmas everyday.  Believe that!

I highly recommend HIM.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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