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New normal 

Truth is,  I have NOT always been in great shape.  I was NOT one of those girls blessed with the “naturally skinny gene”.  Once I hit puberty, around the 7th grade, the war with my weight was on like donkey kong..more like Pack Man! Sadly for me, my donut days were over.  Only back then, I didn’t fully grasp the concept of a balanced healthy lifestyle which in turn was the beginning  of a progressive yo-yo carnival roller coster ride that span over a decade.       

I’ve wildly run the gamut of pudgy, overweight, and squishy to the opposite spectrum of skinny, flabby and gaunt. When I finally made my mind up to end the nutty circus juggling act, my weight became way more balanced and manageable. I had to toss out every concept I had ever known like 6 week quick fixes or juice diets.  Every no carb diet fad and the old go to, “I’ll just starve for a few weeks” was temporary and made matters worse.  I desperately needed off the ferris wheel and into a stable more suitable realistic plan.  Allow me to explain.  

If every Saturday, you treat yourself to a short stack of pancakes, waffles or donut holes your not really treating yourself.  Your Saturday morning ritual is an ACTUAL thing. If every time you enjoy Mexican food the order consist of queso dip or guacamole and an enchilada dinner…that my sweetie is a habit.      

Make no mistake, I had to learn and adapt into a new normal. At first, this new FIT lifestyle was cumbersome and embarrassing particularly when it came to ordering food.  “Excuse me, (sigh) but can I please order the grilled chicken salad without the cheese and dressing and can you also please remove any crutons or tortilla strips? please?”  Did I really have to order like this at every meal?  

When dating Mr. Chicken Fry I was a bit bashful of my lengthy When Harry Met Sally ordering rendention. But guess what?  After several months of dating, Mr. Chicken Fry was in tune with my high maintenance eating.  At first he rolled his eyes, then it became awkward laughter, until it was just the norm.  (he really loves me)  

Today, I can’t imagine ordering a salad without a small preface such as, “No cheese and no dressing please and can you kindly grill the chicken dry (no butter or oil) thank you.”no-salad-dressing

I redundantly ask for sauce on the side and steamed veggies every where I go.  And guess what…It’s no big deal.  Thankfully, in 20 years of ordering like this not one waiter has ever looked at me and said “Miss, we just can’t accommodate your order.”   

Guys and dolls, I order with authority now a days. Im brave and bold, not to be confused with bossy. I completely bypassed high maintenance and proudly rocketed to SKY MAINTENANCE.  I don’t mind or hesitate one second because it’s my normal behavior. Those close to me just expect it and in facheeseless pizzact, some ask ahead of time what I plan to eat and ask politely if I’ll order two!!  It’s not until I’m with a group of new people that  I notice the  gawk or “eye rolling” when I place an order.  

thanksgiving week workouts

I get asked a lot, “Do you ever get tired of ordering healthy or eating so good?”  

ME:  “Um, no not really?  Do you ever get tired of eating the same garbage and self destructive foods that you eat?  No,  I don’t ever get tired of feeling great and delighting in my rock hard body.  I don’t get tired of feeding my body good healthy foods so I can operate at 100%.”

I hope this post helps you find your new normal. Whether that is scheduling a daily workout or learning to eat healthy at every meal.  Practice makes habit.  So you have to practice good habits so that the habits become GOOD new normal habits.  You want your new FIT life style to become as second nature as brushing your teeth.  

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Love, smile, see you in while!



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