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Get ready for a funky fun fast total body workout.   It’s called TABATA and ladies, it’s not a sandwich!!!!

A Tabata workout torches calories increasing the heart rate and sculpts lean muscle.

If you are new to the TABATA format allow me to explain.

WHAT IS IT?  Tabata is a timed high-intensity interval training experience.
  • We will work in 4-minute segments.
  • 8 exercises in 4 minutes.
  • Each exercise will be done in 20-second increments
  • There is a 10 second rest period between each 20-second seg. allowing you to prepare for the next exercise.
  • We will shoot for 8-10 rounds in 45 minutes.

NO COUNTING REQUIRED.  No need to count reps. Tabata frees you to focus on form and pounding out the reps in each 20-second segment.

Click below for a quick Tabata Tutorial

Usually, the first few rounds of a TABATA workout are confusing and wonky.  But by about round 3 you will find rhythm and familiarity of the movements.  Each round your muscles will become warm and pumped up!
Rounds 6-8 you might experience fatigue (which is normal).  Keep pushing and do what you can!  Eye on the prize baby!
Don’t be scared!  You can work at your own pace!  CAMERA ON OR OFF!
THE TIMER: I will bring the timer!  

  • a mat or towel to lay on
  • water
  • something to step up on (step stool, bench, hearth, a sturdy chair  THIS IS NOT REQUIRED just a suggestion (BOSU or TERRA CORE)
  • weights/ dumbells (or any type of resistance) laundry detergent – soup cans – soda bottles
  • and a smile!

I will demonstrate the exercises and call them out before we go!

I’m so excited for the opportunity to train and challenge you!

LOVE, shine and lift the B-HIND!

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