Bringing Sweaty Back

Kiss me, it’s March

Thankfully, Dallas, Texas experienced a significantly mild winter in comparison to previous years.  Unfortunately, there was not even the tiniest glimmer of hope for a snow or ice day.  The mittens, hot coco and constant stream of kids tracking in and out of the cold sadly bypassed our neck of the woods.

So now what?  Well, we welcome March like surprise company at the front door. Hello and come in.  It’s been way to long.  Please, have a seat and thaw out.

Spring out of the winter funky flubbery feeling.

Winter blues be GONE!!!

RUN into the light carol ANN…

Yes, there may be a hint of chill in the air but get over it.  Bundle up and blaze a power walking path like no there is no tomorrow.  Soak in some sun while jamming to a party playlist.  Let loose like a caged animal and set yourself FREE to be FIT. Dance in the streets for the love of March.

Daily exposure to sunlight is vital and will restore and balance your mood. Additionally, cardio workouts outside such as biking and hiking burn up calories and use different muscle groups.  Be sweet to your heart and change it up.  You and your heart have been together a long time.  The dating wine and dine treatment is a little stale.   Spice it up and alter the rhythm.  Let your heart pound and race with excitement.

Get your mind right and silence the dysfunctional voice that whispers nasty little lies. Talk back to Dyssy, the “Dysfunctional voice is your head”.  Boss her around and ask her to leave you alone.  Mind your business…not the madness.  Your mind has tremendous power to heal and alter your attitude. Focus on the improvements you want to make.  Write down your goals, snap a photo and keep it on your phone.  Track your baby steps.  Progress may include, “I skipped salad dressing today” or I completed a 20 minute HIIT workout.”  Be brave beautiful, get up, get out and get going!

Happy March.

Love, hike and kiss… Ok make out!!!

Angi xo

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