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Food for thought.  If cardboard and air could hook up and have babies, I think rice cakes would be the offspring.   Gosh, do you remember the rice cake craze?  It was the mid 90’s and everyone on a “diet” was eating rice cakes.  Thank the good Lord it was short lived.  

Where had EDAMAME been all my life?  Who in their right mind would eat a rice cake when you could eat EDAMAME??  

Straight away, I fell in love with the tiny pods of green goodness.  If you’re not a sushi lover you may not be familiar with this salty treasure. You may have seen folks gobbling up these pea pod look alike thingies and wondered, “what are they eating?   SOY BEANS!  Soy beans aren’t sexy nor will you look attractive eating them but boy oh boy are they yummy!  

I’ll tell you one thing,  I can kill a bowl of warm edamame in less than 5 minutes. I’m ravenous y’all. I’m not even kidding. I would be frightened to see what I look like when I eat edamame all alone.  What I feel like is a squirrel in wharp speed going ninety to nothing downing one after another.   It’s like I have no control.  I  can’t get the beans in my mouth fast enough!   I do the same thing with pop corn.  Handful after handful just shoveling it in like I’ll never see it again.  BAZARE!  What does this imply?  That I’m incapable of eating edamame and popcorn in a controlled format!  

Some like it hot!

Edamame in a restaurant is ordered spicy, salty or without salt if you please.  Careful, because when it comes out its scorching hot.  If steam is coming off of the pod, wait until it cools.  Otherwise your poor lips and tongue are facing a stage 3 burn.  Once it’s cool, you are in the clear to bite into the pod and push out the three or two beans inside.  Toss away the pod.  DO NOT eat the pod, you could choke and I speak from experience.  

Have it you’re way!

Edamame is a super snack and BEST of all, it’s completely mindless to prepare!  You’re welcome! 

See this giant bag…  COST CO !  Inside the giant bag You open a smaller size bag of frozen edamame and place in it a pan with a little bit of water.  place it on the save with a lid and bring it to a steam. Toss the beans while adding salt if you desire and drain!  Bam, it’s ready to eat!   Naturally you can put the pods into a bowl and pop in microwave for 3 minutes.  

Look at all of the protein!  

 Guess what?  Costco carries a large container of energy blend edamame. It’s dried edamame (shucked) mixed with cranberries! This blend basically intertwines crunch sweet and a hint of salty!  A lovely creative high protein snack.  It’s a whole lot of supreme chomping when I have a fresh tub of this stuff.  

 What else can I say but try it, give it a shot, happy snacking.    

Love, munch and extra crunch!

Angi xo

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