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I Heart George Hamilton

VICE – a weakness of character or behavior; a bad habit. 

We all have our vices. Our guilty little pleasures that trigger an endorphin, spur a dopamine drip, and fulfill a spontaneous rush of greatness straight to the brain.  Some vices are extreme and highly dangerous while others are simple silly habitual enjoyments. 

Maybe for you it’s ice cream, shoe shopping or web surfing.  Perhaps your vice is late night Netflix, super slurpees or sky diving. I think I hear the the dark chocolate/red wine lovers of the world salivating and blushing as I write.  

FOR ME, it’s tanning & sunning.  I squirm admitting to you, friends and clients that I seasonally, lavishly lay in a tanning bed twice a week (no more than three) for 12 minutes a session.  I detest saying it out loud mainly because it is so frowned upon these days.  Tanning is equal to chain smoking and drinking diet coke and the back lash is brutal.  GEEZ!  Some would even argue that both, smoking and tanning, produce the same shriveled up negative outcome. OK I hear you BUT…by George I love it.  

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I physically cower and cringe when questioned about my golden vice because the of the lecture that promptly follows.  Not to mention all of the tanning alternatives I SHOULD be using.  Really, I know the dangers and risks. However, I CHERISH every single  precious sweet minute in the bed and in the sun.    


I’m Texas gal and I married a tride and true Texas boy who also loves the sun.  Eat your heart out Georgie boy!  Mr. Chicken Fry tan would blow Hamilton out of the water.   I’m a May baby and perhaps that is to blame for my high desire to be all things Coppertone and sun goddess.  

Sunkissed Me and Mr. Chicken  

True, I have a low body fat and lean physique which doesn’t exactly provide the best insulation.  Therefore anyone can see how important those toasty 12 minutes can be to a girl in the winter time.   I’m perfectly content soaking up the ultra violet rays.  By george, I  leave the tanning booth feeling happy, healthy and energized.   

Summer time in Texas can be brutal by most people’s standards. Mr. Chicken Fry pokes fun of me because I refuse to “lay out” on a float in the pool. I get giant goose bumps in July.  I can’t help it. Instead, I prefer to roast in a lay out chair reading and sweating.  Of course I take a few quick refresher dips but the sun never bothers me.  Yes, I  slather on the sun screen.  I wear 50 on my face and a hat and 30 on my chest and arms.  

Me and Mr. Chicken Fry

For those of you shaking your head and finger at me, please know that I cover my face  and chest with two towels in the tanning bed.  I keep a membership at Palm Beach Tan and freeze my account May through December. I usually unfreeze sometime in late November when it starts getting cold.  I’m able to maintain a little brown base color during the holidays and I refreeze again in January.  I don’t unfreeze until mid march to gain a little color for Spring.  I fully realize this is a ridiculous fetish in every sense.    One that I love and anticipate with bated breath as tomorrow is March 1st!!! By George, it’s ALMOST TIME!  

Why don’t I spray tan?

  1. Spray tanning doesn’t fulfill my need for warmth. In fact, stripping down to nothing in a cold spray booth or in front of the professional to spray me with cold tanning product is total torture.  
  2. Spray tanning also doesn’t give me the energy from the sun or the ultra violet light.  
  3. It’s not relaxing and lush like laying down and fully decompressing for a quick 12 minutes.  
  4. The process of the spray tan is more laborious and cumbersome and that smell…
  5. I desperately desire dark age spots and wrinkles…  lol    Not REALLY! 

FYI…I do wear self tanner on my face and chest and I do smear sunscreen all over my body when I lay out in the sun.

By George, I love the SUN, I love to tan, I love to lay out and bake my body to a golden brown, I love the lake, pool and beach…so sue me!

What’s your vice?  Care to expose your secret?

Love, don’t be mean and always apply you’re sunscreen!  

Angi  xo (aka The coppertone kid) hawaii 2013 - 307

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