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The WOW Factor

MOM – flip it upside down and what do you know, you find the WOW factor.  Totally appropriate don’t you think?  I mean really, moms are the ultimate wow factor right from the beginning.  Hello…pregnancy!  Hello…child birth….boom…the WOW factor all up in your face!!

If you’re a mom…more wow to you girl!!  And if you have a mom…find a nice way to thank her for all of her great sacrifice and wow-ness that she has bestowed on you.

This is my mom⇑.  WOW right?  Just look at her.  She’s 63 years old and FIT as a fiddle. This lovely lady has recently weathered through two back to back freak accidents. While in Ireland, she tripped over a hair dryer cord and broke her left arm in half above the elbow.  She endured an extensive surgery with a rod and four pins.  Nine months later, while out power walking near her home, she was struck by a car and suffered a shattered wrist and elbow on the same side.  Luckily it was only her arm and no other injuries or trauma. After a second surgery and complete reconstruction on her wrist and elbow she worked physical therapy like a boss! Her perseverant heart was methodial and thankfully she regained mobility and strength.  I’m so blessed to call her sister in Christ, prayer warrior, friend, cheerleader, personal stylist, ear, shoulder to cry on and mom.


Some moms just own their wow factor and I love that.  I’m often over-wowed by all of the fab women in my life.  I get a real kick out of watching moms of all kinds operate in their organic super wow power moments.  It’s empow-wow-ering to see it up close and in action.

Some moms are supernatural cooks and kill it in the kitchen feeding their kids gourmet cuisine.  Handcrafted well organized meals with perfect proportions of the food pyramid wrapped up in some delightful dish. WOW. Some moms are better suited in the nurture area, kissing bloody boo-boos, hushing the wimpers, drying the tears and cleaning the messes all with a patient spirit.

Other moms have the uncanny ability to discipline and verbally parent like a sweet sounding symphony.  With one look, or one sharp word the children react on demand.  That my friends is a beautiful thing.  I was such the counting mom…1, 2, don’t make me count to 3.  SMH

Many mamas are gifted at entertaining and hosting a gazillion children in their home.  They have parties and social gatherings weekly and genuinely enjoy the revolving door keeping a close check on the pulse of the teens.

I’m always wowed at the moms who patiently tutor their kids through algebra, science and long nights of flash card prepping for tests. These are the same moms who will run to Walmart in the middle of the night for poster board and markers…girl, I humbly salute you!

Here is a big one…the mother who has gained their daughter or son’s full trust. They  some how established a precious friendship early on and their children come with questions and advice.  WOW with all capital letters.  LOVE this!  Other mom’s wow me with their ability to bite their tongue during a mother daughter shopping spree. Dear Lord, I need a pow-wow on this particular area and mostly all of the other general areas.   Please help me navigate these tortureous waters, with this beautiful girl who is the best gift I have ever had. Thank you In Jesus name.


Never underestimate a mom.  She possesses power that comes from the flip….WOW!  Moms basically make dreams come true. Mom’s rule and dad’s drool.  Mom power.

Happy Mother’s Day to each and every mom on the planet.  

Love, wow and take a BOW!



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