Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

HIGH-FIVE (video)

Have you stopped being courteous and waving to your neighbors just because you hate the under arm flap?  Did you start fist bumping with your kids because it’s the cooler thing or because of the jiggle arm?   Do you wear sweaters because you’re cold or because you detest your flabby arms?  

Girl, I know that secretly somewhere…deep inside your soul, you desire to give an empowering high-five like nobody’s business.  I’m talking a double clap “Top Gun” kind of situation.  Come on, let’s be honest, we’re not the fist bump generation.  Stop pretending, be yourself and listen up…I’m about to get real.

This may sound like a country song played backward but I’m going to help you get your wave back, your high-five back, your first and second hubby back and possibly your best friend Jaclyn back!!  (thank you Rascal Flatts)   lol

I know, it sounds a little crazy,  a little scattered and upsurd but I’m going to help you fight the flab and under arm curse! 

Below you will find several links to my videos demonstrating some simple movements to shape your arms, chest and back.  High-five, chica, because you can do these from your garage, your living room, your office, and or the gym.  

⇒GUNS ROW-ses ⇐

Fight the flab with more than just basic tricep and bicep exercises.  Put some power into your workouts with push ups, chest presses, back flys and rows.  Add shoulder presses and planks and french curls.  I believe in you.  High five baby doll.  You can do it.

Love, peace and drop the first bump – geez!

Angi xo

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