Bringing Sweaty Back

Spontaneous Carb-bustion

Happy Monday friends.  I’m going to straight shoot with you this morning.   Last week was a very emotional week for me and my family.  I lost my GRAND mother…my mom’s mom who I called Mamaw.  She was 89 years old and I loved her with all of my heart.   If you read my post Timing is everything then you already know that I was blessed to have enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with her the week before her passing.  We  had been talking on the phone every other day for the past three weeks and I’m so thankful for every conversation.  My point of this is, I have been on a roller coaster ride of emotions and carbohydrates.

Now, my Mr. Chicken Fry, he is a super spontaneous man and he gladly accepted the invitation to the Dallas Stars hockey play off game Friday night knowing full well I would say no way Jo’se.  One of my dear friends felt I could use some cheering up so she called Mr. Chicken Fry knowing he would persuade me to get out of the house for an evening of fresh air and fun. Reluctantly, I shifted into neutral gear and pulled myself together.  (Please over look my puffy eyes…I was weepy all week long)

I have not been to a hockey game in years and I forgot how invigorating it is to be in the arena.  The pulse of people was exactly what I needed.  The crowd, the music, the lights and the game was electric.  Not to mention our posh 3rd row glass seats. We had bomb diggity first class catered service in the Patron VIP area.   Yall, this is where things began to go hay wire.  Can I just go on the record to say that everyone deals with grief differently.   And lets just say perhaps…my way is at the BUFFET.  Pico-de-gallo mac and cheese please!!!  Wow…this was only the beginning.  I’ll have a steep helping of the cream style jalapeno corn…WHAT?  Jalapeno corn bread…why, yes..thank you and keep the wine coming.  Oh and before we go back up to watch the 3rd period…let me grab one of these lemon bars. Who am I right now? Carb-bustion.


The Stars won the game which called for a celebration, a giant chunky chocolate chip cookie please. Why not.  My friend was right about one thing, I needed the conversation and the fellowship but now I needed to run.


I woke up early to train my usual saturday workout warriors.  I was so thankful because working out kept my mind occupied and my tears from streaming down my cheeks.  I was fine…so I thought.   The problem was, all of these kind people from my past started reaching out and calling  or sending me Facebook messages.  These thoughtful and generous calls or texts made me cry and even more emotional.  I need a spoonful of mint chocolate chip ice-cream to make me feel better.

Saturday afternoon we laid my sweet GRAND mother to rest beside her beloved Windy, my papaw.  While I know her sweet sweet spirit is with her maker Jesus Christ, I still get a bit choked up and hungry!!  After the grave side my family had a festive memorial dinner at an italian restaurant.  Hello, rich creamy marinara sauce and bread!  I’ll have the chicken lasagna and a slice of the cheese cake with graham cracker crust!!!  Do I have a fever?    Mamaw loved desert and subconsciously maybe I think I need sweets to be close to her??  After the party Mr. Chicken Fry adamantly pushed me to keep our committment to celebrate our friends 20th wedding anniversary.  Surely you see the pattern that is forming.



Catered mexican food buffett…chips, salsa and guacamole…I dove right in like I hadn’t seen food before.  Somebody stop me!

I did manage to get in a short run yesterday in between baby girls lacrosse games. Best of all, her team won the championship game for thier division.  Yet another reason to celenrate…called for another celebration. I dialed up and ordered take out and proceeded to gorge on two ginormous plates of Chinese food.

Girls, I totally blew it this weekend.  Full blown admittedly blew it.

Today is a new day. Carpe Diem and Carpe DIET!

So…see it happens to the best of us…we fall off the wagon.  Today I humble crawl back on and pretend like it never happened.  On with the show…

Love peace and time for grief!

Angi xo





5 thoughts on “Spontaneous Carb-bustion”

  1. I am so sorry for your loss but glad to read that you were spending some quality time before her passing.

    I wanted to stop by and saying that you look stunning in the dress. I love it!


  2. Those conversations mean everything! You will have them with you forever to cherish. I’m so sorry for you and the grief you must go through. I know it too well after losing my mom at 86 nearly 6 months ago. She should be here right now. We had plans. I jumped on my carb wagon and stayed for a long world tour! Now I’m paying for it!

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