Bringing Sweaty Back

Thangs that make you go hmm???

Why are so many coaches…yes I’m about to use the F word…FAT?  How in the world do they expect to “Coach” anything…little league, NFL, NBA, NHL, college, high school or middle school and be obese?  I’m not talking about a 10 pound pudge they put on over  the holiday or summer vacation…I’m talking FAT!

You’re a coach for goodness sake.  Last time I checked, the job of a coach is to encourage and coach your players to be the best they can be!  As a coach, shouldn’t you hold yourself to the same or higher standard?

Coach Rob Ryan
Coach Rob Ryan

I was watching the Cubs vs. Mets baseball game last night.  I so wanted them the Cubs to win for Marty McFly!!  (the back to the future prediction)  One of the pitching coaches had to jog on to the field and his tummy was a dun-lap.  It had completely done-lapped over his belt!

I see it time and time again and It just boggles my mind.  Like do they ever think…”I should maybe run a few drills with these guys?”  Are they just fat and happy, enjoying the FAT pay check and the cush life and forget to take care of them selves?  Do they just not care?  Do they watch so many films and video clips while sucking down donuts and coffee and poof one day they are fat?  And if they are married, do their wives or children not care?  Can you even respect your coach if he or she is obese?

Coach Mangino
Coach Mangino

If I had the luxury of owning a a professional sports club, I would make sure that my coaching staff was enrolled in a health and wellness program.  Hence the word SPORTS Club!  Right, I mean geese Louise,  I liked Rob Ryan but he was an embarrassment on the Dallas Cowboys side lines.

Coach Dan Campbell

Let’s take a minute to visit the opposite end of the spectrum in coaching!  Texas native, Dan Campbell!  Dan recently accepted a coaching position for the Miami Dolphins. Now be honest…who wold you rather have screaming at you?  Coach Mangino or coach Campbell?  Dan is in mint condition and quite buff!  sfl-dan-campbell-to-be-named-interim-dolphins-coach-20151005

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach, Jason Garrett might not be as beefie, but he is in great shape!  Coach Garrett is slender and lean.  When he jogs on to the field nothing jiggles or folds over!  Jason has dimples but not from cellulite!!  Jason+Garrett+Philadelphia+Eagles+v+Dallas+SwuNz9WdUmOl

Question.  If you wanted to hire a personal trainer, wouldn’t you pick the person in the gym that appears to be in the best shape?  Hail yes you would!   You would not hire some  over weight yahoo or anorexic ballerina  for that matter.   You are not going to spend your hard earned dollars on a trainer that doesn’t look the part!  That is just the fact!   You would hire someone who looks physically fit and healthy.  

As a certified personal trainer and gym owner,  I feel a justified pressure to be on point 100% of the time.  I want to lead by example and be a role model to my clients.  Yes, I have my months of flux and I go on the occasional holiday cookie spree but I bounce back.  So if you are a coach remember….these kids and athletes are looking up to you!    

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