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Post T-day TRX workout 

How was your thanksgiving?  Are you stuffed?  Despite the rain and the The Dallas Cowboys let down and poor Tony Romo’s injury, we had a beautiful day!  Below you will find a fat blasting 30-42 min workout! 

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One minute per exercise or 20 reps

  1. Single leg squats
  2. Bicep curls
  3. Ab tucks (feet in the stir-ups)
  4. Deep back lunge holding the handles
  5. Chest flys (nice and slow)
  6. Back rows holding the handles
  7. Tricep presses (skull crushers)

No TRX, No SWEAT!  Give this workout a whirl. For an added challenge do some of the moves on the BOSU balance trainer!


  1. Flys on the ground or bench or BOSU balance trainer
  2. Single leg squats
  3. Leg lifts (anchor hands under sturdy bed or couch)
  4. Back lunges (all right leg then all left) 30 seconds each
  5. Bent over back flys
  6. Mountain climbers
  7. Bicep curls on top of the BOSU balance trainer

I love feedback. Do you like these 45 min workouts?  So they work for you?  Do you prefer a video?  What type of equipment so you like to use?

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