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The FITting Room – Kohl’s Sale Alert

So yesterday I was making a quick dash into Kohl’s  to grab a “tacky” Christmas sweater for a party.  When I entered the door, I felt an enormous pull, similar to a drag, like a magnetic force pulling me into the work out wear section.  It’s almost like I had a big magnet in my purse attracting me to the active wear.  

You’re welcome but you must hurry and get the goods while they last!  Also, check out this link for online specials Shop Kohls.  

Only one BUMMER.   I didn’t stumble on any two for ones.  I guess you can’t win them all.  


  • Dri-FIT pants and crops 25% OFF. several patterns and sizes to choose from
  • Zip up jackets,  pants, shorts, etc.  25% OFF.  Fleece jackets in white, black grey


Fila zip up Jacket and Nike dri FIT crops


Nike Dri FIT crops


  • Fleece zip up jackets – $29.99 grey, blue, white and black (GREAT BUY)
  • performance apparel 30-33% OFF leggings and workout t-shirts, and crops
  • yoga and running shorts 25% OFF


ultra soft and cozy


Super CUTE



  • wind breakers and rain jackets 25% off colors blue, baby blue, black, orange and red

TEK Gear

  • puffer jackets 45% OFF $54.99
  • orange, red, black, white  and black and white camo  (GREAT BUY)
  • sweat shirts with workout slogans


↑ By the way, every bit of what this sweatshirt says is TRUE. I sparkle, I shine, I jingle and I mingle and ohhh, I glisten.  Merry Christmas workout warriors.    





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