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Be better than…

The movie “Crazy Stupid Love” is such a darling feel good “hollywood”comedic love story!  And while I do like The GAP, I love the scene when Ryan Gosling grabs Steve Carell, looks him in the eyes and says, “be better than The GAP“. It’s a pivotal moment in the movie because the underdog is undeniably resisting change. Can you relate?  

Flustered, angry, deflated and beat up?  Telling yourself that everything else around you needs to change except YOU!  Heavens to Betsy I know I have been in this exact position! 

Do you need to be better than something?

Sometimes I think, Angi, be better than your saggy old sweat pants.   (but they are so comfy) Angi, be better than your discolored and torn pajama pants. (but they are so soft)  Angi, be better than the way you half “donkied” through that project or workout. (so what if it wasn’t 100 percent, I gave 75%)   Let me tell you beautiful folks, self help talk can only get you so far.

Sometimes…we ALL need a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” slap in the face from a friend. Or we need a “slap out of it” moment  or incident to wake us from our soft, safe, warm, little comfort coma.  A shake it up wake up call, so to speak.change-same

A friend who slaps in love is a good friend.  Much like change, the friend is demanding a call to action.  They require a motion of movement!  Open your ears and listen to that very brave soul and make a movement…change.  Bite the bullet, flip the switch and do something DIFFERENT!  

Be better then the manual setting on the treadmill or bike. Be better than your ho-hum pony tail and go for a braid or vice versa!  Be better than than your raggedy old tennis shoes and sports bra that have zero support! Be better than the fast food drive thru line for lunch.  Be better than the cold rainy day that lies ahead. Be better than the monotonous walk around the block.

Go ahead and join the gym, there is a holiday discount for goodness sake.  Go out with your friends or co-workers for lunch this afternoon.  Go to the local super market and make a fresh protein loaded salad from the salad bar. Change the channel on the TV tonight or turn it off and call a friend.  Shoot, throw caution to the wind and yikes, face time!  (dumm dumm dummmmmm)  Subscribe to a positive blog.  Ditch the self help book and read an impractical fiction.  Run instead of jogging. Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier or later.  MAKE a change.     

Be better than yesterday

Do something today that is out of the ordinary. Rearrange your office or bedroom.  Clean out your closet or take baby steps and start with a kitchen drawer.  (your welcome)  For your sake, just do it and use that NIKE gift card you have been holding on to.  Stop being such a weenie  and try kale or sushi…it won’t kill you.  Sign up for the yoga class. Quit procrastinating and order the REMEVERSE SKIN CARE starter kit.  I heard there is a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE for $59.   Call and schedule a workout session at Abercrombie and FITness or treat yourself to a swedish or deep tissue massage at Massage ENVY.  Grab a friend take that painting class you have been dreaming about. Take a walk before you start dinner.  Get on line and order those weights and BOSU balance trainer. Follow a “know it all” funny FITness blogger and tell all of your friends about it.  Abercrombie & FITness


Be better than your BEST day !!                                                                      

 Is this even possible?  It’s sure worth a try!

On your mark, get set, GOOOOOO! 

PS...→ The Gap, has great active wear (aka workout gear)


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