Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Thirsty Skinny Hair

Happy HUMP day and a big “Thank You” to all of y’all for the sweet messages and anniversary wishes! 

Now, nothing makes my HAIR feel “skinner” than the Winter time.  (This is not a good thing). Cold harsh January and February days only add to the fragile-ness I experience with skinny hair. People often complain about the hot humid Texas weather but at least the humidity factors in some buoyancy and ummph to my skinny (highlighted) blonde locks.

If your super confused on what I mean by “SKINNY” hair you must take a minute to read…SKINNY HAIR .  In brief, I explain the mental anguish I personally endure due to my thin/ fine mane. 

One positive note about the winter blues is that I can actually blow dry my hair, sleep on it, wake up and it’s not frizzed out or curly or mashed down. Usually one out of 12 months, I wake up, brush my hair and go!!  OH what a feeling.  How amazing it must feel to not fight the hair war every morning.  

Typically I wake up and have to figure out some sort of McGiver maneuver to fix my hair. Will it be the flat iron, the blow dryer or pull it back into a clip? I also have to weigh in on which element is worse on my hair.  Will I be able to manage the hay wire under frizz or just braid it and go?  Should I break out the water bottle and spritz for the curly look?  Is it so bad that I throw the towel in and toss on a hat?  People we have a real issues…skinny hair is a struggle!

So, if you have just self diagnosed and you too have skinny hair, WELCOME to the CLUB!   Honey bun, if I’m speaking your language, you are NOT alone.  I get it. You too have brittle and dry hair that thirsts for some serious  HYDRATION.  This time of year I “try” to get into a routine and give myself a deep conditioning once a week.  I like to pick one night a week and sleep in either a good hair conditioner or a deep treatment hair mask.  I wrap my conditioned and combed hair in a hot towel and run around the house for about an hour.  Then I let it air dry and rinse it out the next morning.  Man, my hair was thirsty!  Pick a remedy and try to do it weekly.  It really helps with the split ends and adds shine to the lack luster mane. 


See this?  ↑The picture above is an anomaly.↑  It almost never happens that I have a good hair day. I worked so hard to manage this wavy hairdo and have never, not once, been able to duplicate it.  

↓So this was me yesterday. My ends and hair look thirsty and dry. ↓  


This is me after a 12 hour conditioning!  Obviously my hair is fresh and clean and “LIMP” from the conditioner but it looks and feels sooo much better.  I so hate that my hair is see thru!  WHY?  WHY?      This is me trying to duplicate the hair pic from above.  See, I told you.  

One final note, this time of year, I think we skinny hair peeps need to  back off of the products.  Sometimes I over do it and the products back fire. Particularly root boost and dry shampoo which make my hair more brittle.  This is just my opinion.  As of now, I’m only using Aveda Products..  I love the  Aveda leave in conditioner and Aveda anti frizz serum. They are like butta! 

So, good luck my fellow skinny hair friends.  

Love, Peace and Hair Grease!  



Do you have a winter remedy to share?  Please do! 



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