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Road Warriors

Hotel, motel,  Holiday INN, no matter WHERE you are,  you can FIT a workout in!  Skip to the bottom for 4 FITastic workouts.  

travelmanagementIf your job does NOT involve sporadic or weekly travel, it can be hard to understand the woes of the weary road warrior.  You know, those people who travel for business racking up the air miles and hotel points on the company dollar.  Living the high life up in hotel rooms and enjoying the pleasures of hotel COFFEE!  You often hear the “roadie” say things like, “I’m in NYC Tuesday through Thursday home for a few days then off to Las Vegas followed by a night in L.A. then back home.”  It sounds super glamorous doesn’t it?  HELLO, you had me at hotel room!   Who doesn’t love room/cleaning service?


The word on the street with these reward point road warriors is that business travel is the OPPOSITE of the alluring travel scene. The complaints vary from fighting the crowds, always standing in line, to flight delays, living out of a suit case, and a lot of germs. (Blah blah blah, great people watching opportunity I say). They say…while the air miles are a bonafide bonus, the weight gain, low energy and poor food choices are an ugly side effect!  

From a wellness and FITness perspective I’m assuming that weekly travel reeks havoc on the skin, health and body.  While the jet setter may be taking a ton of steps, and walking more than usual, they are often NOT eating right, putting in long hours, losing sleep, and not exercising.  

But have no fear, travel titans, 2016 can be different! If I’m speaking your lingo, listen up…book the travel and pencil in a workout.  All you need is 30 minutes three times a week no matter where you are.  I’m offering an opportunity to end the frequent flyer cliche. Return home or to the office energized and moisturized.  Take your travel to another level and beat the jet lag!  

One of my favorite new products is called HydraMist from REMEVERSE.  Click on the word Remeverse to order.  HydraMist is a unisex hydrating  spritz.  It adds moisture and dewey looking supple skin in seconds.   A quick pick me up anytime of the day. No more dry ruddy airplane skin.  

Ok, so about the extra skin that has accumulated around the mid section. I have constructed 30 minutes workouts that will rescue you road warriors from fatigue, jet lag and the dull drums.  These custom workouts will increase stamina, improve sleep and add years to your life. You can do these in a hotel gym, a hotel room, outside at a park or in an office. Don’t be shy. Remember to always warm up by jogging in place or on a treadmill before performing any of these movements.  You don’t want to pull or strain a muscle!  Lol

If any of these movements are foreign to you, google and search the world wide web for images.


  • Seated leg press – 15-20 reps of challenging weight should have to push thru last 7-5 reps
  • Tricep dip machine or tricep push down machine 10-20 reps
  • Tricep skull crushers for 15 reps
  • Seated hamstring curl or laying down hamstring curl 15-20 reps of challenging weight.
  • Full sit ups 20-25 reps
  • Bicep curls with dumbbells 20 reps

15-20 jump lunges in between three sets of these 4 exercises

6 movements 3 to 4 rounds

*if the hotel gym as an inner/outer thigh machine take advantage of this and alternate with seated leg press!


1)Lay back on ball or bench begin chest fly’s 20 reps – can be down flat bench, on floor or ball(support neck) decline or incline bench

2)Push-ups on the ground 15 reps

3)Feet hip width apart squat and bicep curl at the same time (on the way down)

4)Feet on the ball between the shin and ankle and tuck knees hands on the ground pull knees into chest (ab tucks)

5)Plyo Jumping jacks

Repeat 2 times

1)Stand in a lunge position hold weights and move up and down in a lunge 12-15 one side and repeat on opposite side

2)Deadlift curl press – three motions hold dumbbells begin your deadlift – curl as you are coming up then press the weights together at the top and repeat for 15 reps.

3) lay on ground and position weights/dumbbells across your hipbones and lift butt for hip thrust 20-25 reps

4)Bicep curls hammer style and twist at the top –  20 reps

5)lay on the ground legs straight up bottom of feet facing the ceiling. Reach or your toes for 30 reps

repeat 2 times


  • Squat deep and come all the way up on your toes at the top of the squat. 15-20 reps
  • Push ups  (beginners use your knees)  20-25 reps
  • back lunges – all right side then all left side  – 15 on each leg
  • Burpees – Jump back into plank position on your hands and jump back and jump up 15-20 reps
  • lay on ground and do bicycle crunches – hand behind your neck twist the elbow to meet the knee.  20 each side for a total of 40

repeat a minimum of 5 times


    • Hold a plank three times for as long as you can plank (advanced hold up a leg)
    • walking alternating lunges – (advanced twist over the lunging leg) glute squeeze the opposite leg as you come up) 15-30 reps
    • Try holding a chin up or doing chin ups try 5 reps at a time. (go to failure) – find play ground equipment
    • Hold bar and tuck legs up for ab tucks 15-30 reps
    • Sprints or hi skips for 15-45 seconds on a straight away path

    Repeat 5 times little rest in-between


 √Road Warrior packing check list√√√

  • Weighted bands –   These items pack light and can be used anywhere.
  • Protein bars –  I recommend Premier Protein  buy direct or from COST CO Drop a few into your overnight bag or brief case.
  • Tennis shoes. – toss in your Nike’s or your ASICS Take a walk around your hotel or power walk in the airport.
  • One workout outfit –  including a sport bra, socks, shorts and T-shirt or sweatshirt, head band.
  • Ear buds – for music or pod casts or telephone conversations!


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