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Happy Anniversary Abercrombie and FITness

 I officially named my business and opened the gym doors  on January 5th 2010.  It’s been SIX sweet years of growth, change and blessings heaped onto blessings.  I can hardly believe how quickly the time has passed.  I’m 100 percent positive it’s the fab energy and human life that continuously flows in and out, week after week.  The precious people who show up, regardless if they even want to, and surrender one hour of their busy day to FITness. Better yet, “My FITness.”  I’m extremely humbled to be trusted with the health of these fine folks and for their effort each session.   

True, many workout warriors have come and gone and COME BACK again…(smile). Others are tried and true lifers (LIFE-ers) that stick to a methodical monthly regimen. I salute you.  Some have challenged me to condense an hour session to a fast track 30 minute session and I did it.  It’s down to a fine science now.  Thank you for the suggestion.  

When I opened the gym in 2010, I had two steady clients. I hand crafted a flyer offering a six week “Fall into FITness” bootcamp. I literally went around town posting my homemade signs in restaurant bathrooms and schools. Before I knew it, I had a motley crew of 6-8 people who were testing the waters of bootcamp. Soon the six weeks was up, and I had four steady clients who wanted in for the long haul. I was tickled pink. These go getters are still shining trophies in the gym. Congrats girls… you know who you are.  

The actual workout space has endured much rennovation in the last six years. And is in current need of a face life…  Pretty please Mr. Chicken Fry…we need a fresh coat of paint this Spring!!!  (batting eyes)    


Some of you might remember the grey concrete floor which eventually was covered with green astroturf.  I was pretty green myself and within 6 months the cheap..I mean inexpensive turf was torn up.  I learned my lesson and purchased a better quality of turf that lasted almost a year and a half. (urgh)

group training1

But enough about carpet…  I have had three treadmills in six years and I have added many new torture toys into the mix along the way. I have been generously blessed with donations and gifts of equipment.  My space is small so I work hard to invent crafty movements that allow for space and difficulty.  After all, I want the lifers to be challenged and keep each workout fresh.  

gym 2010I have seen many faces come and go in six years but I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to my dear friend Denise Piper. Denise actually began training with me prior to owning my own studio.  Thank you Denise for your commitment and winning attitude.  You know I love you more than my “dumbbells.”  


The answer is easy…ALL of it.  We do it all.  I write custom total body workouts.  I incorporate weight training, cardio bursts, plyometrics, yoga and more into each routine.  We work all body parts and some you might not even be aware of.  OH yeah…those triceps of yours actually have three parts…I bet you only work two of them…shame shame.


Three years ago I extended my training practice into the corporate market.  Aside from training local “go getters” in my boutique style gym, I also offer corporate wellness programs and challenges for small businesses.  Wellness plans are designed to inspire employees to be active and healthy.  I work with the executive team to form a custom plan/ challenge for their business model. I write workouts for the business travelers and the 9 to 5 desk worker. My programs involve 8 week or 12 month programs/challenges with meal plans and eating tips.  I create a private  Facebook page which encourages the members and I also include motivational incentives to keep everyone on track.  Wellness plans are a voluntary bonus to the employees and a growing corporate trend.

What have I LEARNED?

Everyone hates Burpies!  The end.

The training/coaching business is always in flux. Im the first to get dumped when finances get tight or when life gets busy. I fully get it and understand completely…business is always changing.

No one really likes to count.  Thank you tabata timer!

Trust… I trust God with my business and He is solely responsible for the success of my FITness operation. Thank you Jesus!

It only takes one whiner to spoil the whole group! 

Everyone needs a hug!

I can’t make people eat properly!  I simply cannot eat for them although I wish I could.  

Not everyone appreciates my eclectic playlist.  😕😎. Van Halen never gets old!


Happy anniversary Abercrombie FITness. I look forward to many many more anniversaries, new faces, new movements and opportunities!!!!


Thank you to everyone for 6 amazing years!

Love, lift and be FIT!


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