Bringing Sweaty Back

BLAZE of Glory

This is precisely how the body should operate!  Like a warm, bright sparking camp fire.  

Mr. Chicken Fry proudly brought this blazing baby to life although it took some time to get started.  The wood he had was old, wet, and difficult to burn. He tried using flammable items that promised big flames such as lighter fluid, newspaper and starter logs.  While the “extras” certainly were not deterrent,  it took tried and true patience .   He never gave up…he remained steadfast and determined to set the pit on FIRE!  It took about four hours but eventually we felt the heat. 

Are you drawing any paralles? Any ding a lings or bells ringing in your head?

The same is true for the body!  The metabolism is a fire pit just waiting to be ignited. Firing up the metabolism may take a little time and some  genuine TLC but once you get it revved up…it will burn baby burn. 

Don’t be such a Fire Retardant!!!! 

Listen up my little Fire Starters…

Not eating or starving is the equivalent using a fire extinguisher. When you stop eating for a long period of time you’re only stamping out the flames.  And why would you deprive yourself of FOOD?  A true pleasure in this world is eating and remember, a hungry body is a healthy body. Stoke up the fire with small healthy meals and snacks.  From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed…you should be feeding your fire. 

Keep your wood pile stocked. Load up on lean meats like pork chops, grilled chicken, turkey, and grilled fish. Fresh fruit and steamed or roasted vegetables.  Toss out the high processed foods like french fries, chips, cheese,  and cookies. 

Position your logs properly.  This is critical to the wood burning process and so is feeding your body. When you wake up, you must break the fast and stack your first log.  A bowl of oatmeal or some boiled or scrambled eggs.  Perhaps a healthy smoothie or a protein shake is a more feasible option for your fast paced  life.  Get some food into your system to ignite the pilot light.  About two and a half or three hours later it will be time for another snack. Nuts, fruit or a turkey roll up.  Follow this up three hours later with a grilled chicken salad. And so on…


Soon you will have created your own roaring metabolism.  Set your body a blaze this week.  Like I said earlier, it might take a while for you to get the fire started. That is ok.  Oh and the “extras” like the lighter fluid and the starter logs…so that would be your job!  The extra is you doing  cardio a few days a week.  Fan the flames with a little time on the treadmill or suit up and hit the pavement.  Try to set the elliptical on FIRE!!!!   

Give me two weeks!  TWO WEEKS!  Come on baby…give me two weeks!  Start today and eat small “GOOD” foods /meals every three hours.  Even if it’s just a handful of something…get your body craving food.  It’s not a bad thing to be hungry.  Even if you don’t feel hungry in three hours…eat something!! Try a a half of a protein bar or half of a tuna sandwich.  Something is better than nothing.


I’m starving now and off to stoke my fire.  I’m fanning with some sushi this afternoon!  Bento box with salad (no dressing) sashimi, California rolls and spicy salmon rolls. Come to mama!    

FIRE UP!!!!  FIRE up..FIRE up and up and up and up and up!  




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