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 Midweek calorie crushers

Workout warrior,  I have some advanced exercises for you to try.  This isn’t your greasy grannie’s workout, ok!  These are “Grade A” moves.  Get as much bang out of your workout as possible!  Spend that dedicated time wisely and train two or three or why not four, muscles groups at a time.  Ready, set, go! 

Burn some serious calories and tone the tush with these bad boys. I call them a “Half BOSU burpee” with a shoulder raise. (modification  for beginner/ intermediate included in the video) An even more aggressive version of this movement would be to add a push up at the bottom,  before you jump back up.  Go slow and as you get more confident you can speed up.   

I call this next exercise “Bo-Rollin”!  I incorporated a wheel roller and a BOSU balance trainer to test your shoulders and core to the max.  Careful boys and girls…this one is sneaky because it usually takes a day or so before you feel the burn. Silent but painfully effective! You’re welcome!

Kettle bell swings are powered from the legs NOT the shoulders!  Proper form on this movement is vital so you don’t  strain your back or shoulders.  Remember to clinch your butt cheeks when you reach the top of the squat and power up from the squat.  (squeeze the cottage cheese)  The first rep is the only time in which you really need a swinging action to get the motion started.    Also, be careful of over rotation.  Don’t allow your arms to go past your head at the top of the swing.  No injuries on my watch!

Squats and lunges can be boring and redundant. (yawn)  So, why not “Trick Out” your lunges with some biceps curls, presses or up rite rows.  Your balance will be in question.  Remember some days your balance is better than others.  Don’t sell yourself short if you’re off kilter one day.  It could be lack of sleep, medicine head, or sinus.  As you get stronger and more confident with these exercises, play with the arms and add a glute squeeze or a knee hike.  Use heavier weights and less reps to really sculpt the arms and legs!    

How do you doll up your lunges?  

Your half way through the week, keep pushing.  





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