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6 Pack

It’s true!  You can literally eat your way to amazing abdominals.  In fact, 80% of the ab work involves EATING!  Good news right?!  It’s all about what you put into your mouth.  You can define and sculpt beautiful abs with exercises and weights but ONLY if you are feeding your gut lean clean protein.    

fork and spoon

If you desire wash board abs,  your diet has to be in order.  The workout is secondary. The primary focus is in the intake, intake amount and frequency of the intake.  (I always say, a hungry body is a healthy body!) What you might not realize is the high amount of sugar and other preservatives ingested on a regular basis.  Processed foods cause bloating and other harmful digestive issues.  No one wants this. 

As a rule of thumb, eat foods from the earth. No, I’m not a GREEN, GRANOLA, EARTHY kind of girl.  I’m just simply saying that if nature  produces it and it’s not manufactured…it’s not bad and less harmful to your body.  (obviously wild poisonous berries are not an option)    

HELLO AVACADO!  Oh, so now I have your attention?  Yes, avocado.  It’s natural.  The chips go to your hips…back away from the chips.  But slice up or mash up that avocado and add it to your salad, slice it on your turkey burger, or eat it with your eggs.  

REMEMBER this is about your abs… You are what you EAT…

wash board abs


Eggs, oatmeal, steamed vegetables, (asparagus, brussel sprouts, broccoli, spinach carrots , and zucchini ) and grilled chicken breasts, tuna, turkey, baked potatoes, salads (doused with nuts and boiled egs and tomatoes and peppers,avocado’s and salt and pepper)  nuts, pop corn, brown rice, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, Onions, Peppers, grilled pork chops, turkey burgers, turkey meat balls, whole grains, Premier Protein Bars and Shakes  (buy at Cost Co)

fruit (berries, apples and oranges, pineapple, watermelon, mango)

water, coffee, skim milk, Vitamin Water Zero protein shakes, Lacroix Sparkling Water

For more detailed eating tips read this…Stamp of Approval


juices, sodas, energy drinks, alcohol (beer & wine) limit alcohol intake to two nights a week or less, cheese, dressing,  pasta with heavy sauces, french fries, chips and salsa, burgers, fast food…FAST FOOD  read this!   

WARNING!!!  Stay away from the enchiladas and the pizza and the margaritas.  Lay off of the chips and the dips and the cheese on everything in site.  Drink water before during and after your meal to keep you hydrated and full!  

Give yourself 3 weeks on a regimented lean clean high protein diet and I GUARANTEE you will watch and feel your abs tighten up.  The bloat will depart and the definition will appear.


Want to double down?  I dare you to double down with clean eating & a workout routine!  The results will BLOW your mind.  I wouldn’t lie!

Grab a fork and dive in…the food is warm.  Raise your glass of water with lemon and cheers to your new abs!  They are waiting.  

Eat, eat and they will come!  (Field of Dreams reference)  

Good luck and keep me in the loop. Show me your results.  Post some before and after pics in the comment section below.  ↓↓↓



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