Bringing Sweaty Back


Hotel motel Holiday Inn,  no matter where you are you can FIT a workout in!  

I need a second for a quick side bar.  When I was a little girl, my family (grand parents, cousins, aunts and uncles) would load up at Christmas time and caravan from Texas to Colorado for a family ski trip.  Every year, my daddy would make a stop at a Holiday Inn somewhere around Raton, New Mexico.  It was the sweetest stop for a kid because it had an indoor pool!!!  Can’t you just smell the chlorine from here?  Man those were the days…it was literally the coolest forget the snow and the ski hill and the family fun…give me the Holiday Inn indoor pool baby!  

So, I’m no world traveler but I do love a “hotel” gym.  Something about it just feels new and suave. I’m guessing because usually the fitness center is located near the spa which makes the gym smell intoxicatingly fresh.  YES, I LOVE to workout on vacation.  It may seem extreme but I enjoy it and isn’t that what vacation is all about…enjoyment?   

Here are a few of my personal favorite hotel workout spots!  

Right this way Mrs. Abercrombie… It would be our pleasure… The Ritz Carlton FITness center in Cancun, Mexico is spacious and has a pool view. The equipment is new and they offer beach side yoga classes.  The best part, the staff will bring you a cold, fresh  towel that smells like eucalyptus upon finishing your cardio session. It’s divine! The hotel also offers tennis, snorkeling, swimming, boogie boarding and other FITness like activities.  


The Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas

This little gem is tucked away on the far left corner of the property. The actual FITness space is huge and there are rows and rows of cardio machines.  Located on the pool level, the view is just ok…your starring at the rock climbing wall  Certainly better than starring at blank wall right?  Hey your in the Bahamas so who cares!  The FITness gift shop is stocked full of cute yoga and workout gear and other overpriced accessories.     The Atlantis Resort and Fitness Center offer a multitude of FITness activities.  They have golf, tennis, a lap pool, and classes for every FITness level.  

Aloha and welcome to the Grande Waleia Resort on Maui. This place is near and dear to my heart because it’s my honeymoon spot!  While Mr. Chicken Fry golfed, I spent time in the workout room and the spa before we rendezvoused at the beach for lunch.  Unfortunately no ocean view in the gym.  The FITness center feels a bit like a cave but it does have high quality equipment and plenty of space to move around. What it lacks in dullness is made up in the luxurious grande spa and hotel grounds.T he spa at this hotel is literally the spa I have ever experienced in my entire life. The property also offers walking paths for miles, beautiful golf course and soft sand beaches.  Aloha!

 The Ritz Carlton, Kapalua  

This joint is swanky and the gym comes with a view. The Ritz does a great job of bringing the outdoors into the gym. Although the property is massive, the gym is simple and not oversized.  Their staff and service is second to none. Aside from the commercial grade equipment this property also offers walking paths with breathtaking views.  The golf course is stellar not to mention the tennis facilities.  Jaw dropping awesome! P.S. The staff brings you a cold bottled water and a smell good towel.  AHH the little things in life.  

What hotel gyms tickle your fancy?  Share your favorites with me.  



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