Bringing Sweaty Back

To juice or NOT to juice???


People who juice need love too!!!

Guys and Dolls, it is time that we “wellness” and “health” advocates come together and give those who “juice”  a proper pat on the back.  They deserve a genuine “atta boy” and special victory dance!  In fact, juicing may qualify these folks for a choreographed surprise flash mob.  

This is NOT a “poopoo” post for the juicers of the world.  I salute you!  This is simply a post to share with you that I tried juicing and it is unequivocally NOT for me and here is why.  

I tried juicing for a whole two weeks and it stunk!  Not in the smell sense.  It was NOT the laborious trips to the produce section or the pungent juice flavor.  I actually liked the juice.  It was also not the vibrant green witchy goo that drained in the 6 ounce glass.   It wasn’t the chopping and experimenting with fruits and vegetables for my favorite zesty bold juice. 

It was the tedious clean up that killed my bright plans to juice!  Y’all, cleaning that dang machine after each juice was a complete beating, like taking two rounds with Mike Tyson.  It wore me out.  I’m all about efficiency in my life and that did not work for me.

Was this a joke?  Was I on candid camera and completely unaware that I had been spoofed?   Yes, it was that bad!!!

Seriously, it was equivalent to cleaning the oven or fire place. You can’t possibly get every nook and cranny of those machine parts clean. And I even tried using a tooth brush for Pete’s sake.  Taking the equipment apart and washing the berry and carrot particles was utterly ridiculous.  I needed a team of umpa loopas to help!  

I’m a shake, stir or blend kind of girl. If I can’t put it in the dish washer, I need to be whooed or won over in a different way.  Like maybe it will make more than three swallows worth.  Like you, I got things to do and workout warriors to train. Ain’t nobody got time for scrubbing the dang juicer!  


 Aside from the atrocious green goo that I had to clean out of this difficult piece of machinery, you can only imagine the verbal scrutiny I endured from Mr. Chicken Fry.  He was appalled that I would even try it. Remember people that my Mr. Chicken Fry is a steak and mashed potato man.  When he saw me making a juice with vegetables and fruit well let’s just say the jokes were never ending.

I’m laughing so hard as I type because it is kind of funny if you think about it.  I mean, did our grand parents juice?  No and they lived to be into their late 80’s and 90’s for goodness sake.    


So, good bye juicer. I’ll eat my weight in vitamins before I ever do my own juicing, but at least I can say I tried!  You looked super fun but you are way to high maintenance for me. 


Do you have any juicing hazards to share?  


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