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YOU are the STAR…

in the biggest boldest TRUE reality blockbuster role of your life!  What’s more, your kids and family have front row cushy reclining theatre seats to the big show.

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You are a STAR!

How are you living out each scene?  If you could watch your life on a big screen, would you be entertained or embarrassed?  Sad?  Motivated? Dizzy from the chaos? Bored out of your mind?  Would you want to rewind or fast forward?

Listen to me cinema sweetie, there is no right or wrong answer!  If you’re not happy with the concept or content in your life, transform it! Spend some quality time a little time in  the makeup chair and let God make you over!  HE will prepare you for the role you are facing. Seek HIS guidance.

God may lead you to hire or fire some of your so called cast members!  Focus your lens in a different direction and change the angel of the camera.  Wrap up the scenes a little earlier or be brave like the film editors of Titanic and let the cameras roll! After all, some three hour movies are just worth it even if you know how it ends because you want to watch it over and over again.

You’re the REAL DEAL!  You are out living real life everyday.  You’re making the money or maybe you’re making the beds.  You might drive the carpool or perhaps you drive the bottom line!  Do you care for the sick or educate the young?  Are you a manager of laundry or a corporate accountant?  Most likely you do all of these and more!  Keep up the great work beautiful!

I’m honored to be your trainer and help you find some balance in your busy day to become healthy and  physically FIT.


Workout Video #18

Workout #18

Jump lunges

Step up on bench lunge back opposite leg hold heavy weight 8 each side

Side dips 15 each side

Decline sit ups w weight

Roll ins w weight feet on BOSU 10 each side

Back fly’s 20 reps

Tin Soilders 20 total

Repeat 10 times

 You did it!  Now let the credits roll…


Love, your award winning trainer, friend, and wanna a be actress…

Angi Abercrombie



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