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Spring Break Testimonial 

Adulting is so overrated!  If I could regulate the free world as President,  I would mandate a daily recess rule.  At minimum,  5 days a week, an alarm, giant gong, bell or emergency alert would sound.  This would free adults world-wide to take a break.  Wouldn't that be awesome?  A mini 15-20 minute time out could do wonders… Continue reading Spring Break Testimonial 

Bringing Sweaty Back

Spring TEEN

Yesterday,  Monday morning of spring break for Baby Girl.  I woke up early to do my daily gig as a trainer and whip my clients booties.  No lunch to make, no morning routine to rush through.  After three straight hours of gym time, I returned to a quiet house at 9am. AWESOME.  I 'll have… Continue reading Spring TEEN