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In Case of Emergency…

When you were a kid, I bet you wished and prayed for a two story house.  You wanted a house with STAIRS!!  Yep, I knew it!  So did I. Unfortunately, I lived in a one story ranch style home.  As a young girl, I had glorious visions of one day living in a house with a grande circular stair case to play on!  Stairs were so cool.  It didn’t matter where you were, the mall, a hotel, an office building, a stadium, friends house, bleacher stairs, or school, playing on the stairs was FREE entertainment.   

Folks can I get a AMEN… for jumping down stairs, running up stairs, sliding down the stairs, talking on the stairs, playing under the stairs,  lunging and running the stairs for exercise, sitting on the stairs,  head first down the stairs,  tripping up the stairs, backwards up the stairs.  Stairs were FUN with a capital F!  

I know this is going to sound ultra old school but please, for the love of the FITness, TAKE THE STAIRS!!!!  Remember those ladder type steps.   Take a step one at a time up or down in-between floors. YES, those are the STAIRS!  

Stairs have taken a back seat to elevators and escalators for way to long and many people are suffering for it.  


As much as I greatly appreciate advances in people moving technology I think we forget how beneficial a stair case can be to the body.    Stairs make the heart beat faster and shape beautiful leg muscles.  I can assure you that taking the stairs will NOT make your hair frizzy (sigh)  #badhairday.   

The stigma that stairs are only to be used as a fire escape or in case of an emergency or elevator error is just wrong.  

img_4047I’m not suggesting that we ban all elevator use.  Obviously if  you work or have a hotel room on the 22nd floor your going to use the elevator.  But it wouldn’t kill if you got off a floor or two early and took the stairs.   People, I see it every day.  I watch you all take the escalator in the airport instead of the stairs.  I see you take the elevator one flight up.  I see you yell at your kids from the bottom of the stair case because you don’t want to burden yourself with one flight of stairs.  

I get it…stairs are work.  Stairs are NOT lazy.  They make you huff and puff and require effort to reach the top!   

From this very day forward, take your steps two at a time.  If you can, stretch it, long legs of of the world, go for three!  And unless you have vertigo, don’t hold on to the railing.  Pump your arms and work the stairs.  Be the boss!  



Stairs offer a perfect place for multiple exercises.  

 tricep dips, push ups (elevate your feet or your hands), jump ups two at time, run the stairs, lunge  onto the stairs, elevate one foot and perform plie squats.  


I hereby ask you to solemnly swear to take the pledge and reclaim the stairs in your life.  Work, home, play, hobby, etc.  To the STAIRS…

Are you a business traveler.  Check out this read on how you can burn calories on the road!  →ROAD WARRIORS !

How can you reclaim the stairs??  

Love, share and take the STAIRS!






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  1. I too am in love with stairs. A house made of magnificent winding staircases sounds like a dream. Not only are staircases excellent for exercise they are great at improving posture as well. After all, can anyone really go up or down a beautiful flight of stairs without pausing to stand a little straighter?

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