Bringing Sweaty Back

ExSoothe me! 

I’m so ready for Summer.  Aren’t you?  Summer has a beat of its own and I’m chomping at the bits for some play time. Summer brings a slower pace and tranquility that SOOTHES and revitalizes the soul.  A nice break from the morning madness, the making of the lunches and the afternoon carpool mommy routine.

In Texas, Summer means June bugs, bathin bathing suits, snow cones, bike rides, lake side, the smell of Coppertone, beach bags, sunny days, muggy nights and MOSQUITOS.  But still, I can barley wait!

I hate to brag, but I’m a mosquito magnet.  I’m completely irresistible to these blood sucking little pests. Must be the constant sweaty skin or musty gym aroma I carry around.  (lol)  It seems that no matter what I do, the mosquitos find a direct path to my ankles.  No matter how much bug spray I plaster on, I still seem to get eaten alive.   I’m infamous for giant red welts from these pesky predators.  The after effects of a mosquito bite are horrendous.  I literally scratch the surface of my skin off…to the point of bleeding.  I wake up in the middle of the night miserable and usually have to revert to oral medication. (which I detest)

Well Exsoothe me Mr. Mosquito but I’m not missing any more sleep or skin because of you! BUG OFF!  

I finally found a topical treatment that stops the itch and SOOTHES my scratchy irritation. Blue-Emu Anti Itch Cream has nailed it.   Here in Dallas, we have experienced some torrential rain storms and standing water is everywhere.  The puddles of water are amusement parks  mosquito haven and unfortunately I had my first bite this morning during an outdoor training session.  I dabbed it with Blue-Emu Anti Itch Cream  and never looked backed.  This cream works and truly does its job as an anti inflammatory.  The red swollen bump never even appeared.

If you’re an avid outdoorsy type of girl you are going to want to keep this cream on hand.  I hear the fannypack is making a comeback.  Either way, toss it in your tote,  or your beach bag.  Drop it in your fannypack or purse.   If you’re hitting the trails for a mountain bike excursion or a hiking extravaganza, be sure you have a tube in your back pack!

My teenage baby girl has suffered for several years with eczema.  Nothing we have tried including prescription creams, have been able to soothe her dry scabby skin.  I read on the bottle that this cream not only stops the itch, but also soothes dry skin so naturally I smothered her joints with Blue-Emu Anti Itch cream.   After only 24 hours and three applications the difference is substantial.  See for yourself

24 hours – three treatments later!

Excuse yourself from all other treatments and exsoothe yourself with Blue-Emu Anti Itch cream.  It’s long-lasting relief will have you in disbelief and wondering why you waited so long to try it.

Bye bye Benadryl…

Love, Peace and ExSOOTHE me…I mean ExSoothe you!!   

Angi xo

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