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Welcome to my SPOUSE

Seriously, y’all, I married a freak of nature!  It’s bizarre! My hubby, aka Mr. Chicken Fry, is certainly not known around town for his muscle-bound physique or healthy eating choices. If anything, he is most known for, aside from being married to yours truly, is his strange inherent ability to maintain a lean body even at 54 years of age, without a controlled clean diet and non-existent workout regimen. Well, let me slightly recant, I think he may have worked out like one time last year!!!  Not kidding, 1 time.  I couldn’t believe my eyes and I thought it was a joke.  When he entered the gym and seriously started using the seated chest press,  I casually wondered if he was having an affair?  Like who are you and what have you done with my Mr. Chicken Fry??  Turns out that he had a physical scheduled for the very next day and he wanted to make a great impression. What a relief!   

He’s a nut, this one! In our 20 years together, Mr. Chicken Fry has lifted weights maybe 8 times total and I’m kindly rounding up.   What’s more, he eats fried food and hardly gains an ounce. We have friends who for years have warned him that eventually his good fortune would come to a slow crawl and finally an end. They promised poor Mr. Chicken Fry that by age 48-50 he would notice a drastic change in his weight. As if one day he would wake up and overnight have grown this big beer gut and moobs…aka man boobs!  As of today, my man is proving them all wrong!   img_6132

Mr. Chicken Fry is the polar opposite of me in terms of FITness and healthy eating. We are not the cool FIT couple that enjoys a great workout or cardio session together followed by meal prepping. No no no! In fact, there is no “WE” when it comes to working out, eating healthy or anything related to the meal process. Don’t get me wrong, we are a superb match made in heaven but we have no common interest in these particular areas.

Mr. Chicken Fry is by no means a stagnant man.  He is a SUPER active human.  He occasionally does yard work which is code for he fires up the blower and blows leaves off of our driveway and roof and deck area. He also does a few other manly man chores and  activities such as hunting, fishing and golf. His man work/hobbies usually involve hauling feed, chopping wood, starting fires, fixing feeders and working on stuff. During the Summer, he runs around at the lake filling water coolers, blowing up water toys and pulling a tube full of kids on a jet ski and serving guests. He has mass quantities of stored energy that truly astound me. He wears me out and I’m 12 years younger?!  

Realistically, food is the very last thing on Mr. Chicken Fry’s mind. He honestly hates to eat. He basically only puts food into his body for survival. He enjoys a big breakfast which is usually his most coveted meal of the day.   He’s not a huge eater and he certainly isn’t one to linger over a lavish four coarse meal.  A long drawn out dining experience is painful for Mr. Chicken Fry and usually requires sedatives lol.  As I said he is full of life and has a high speedy metabolism that works for him.  


ALL of this information is to say…welcome to my world.   I want my audience to fully be aware of what I live with particularly in the food temptation department.  My hubby is not my wing man on sharing a meal EVER.  He never EVER wants a single bite off of my plate even though I occasionally want a taste or two of his.  

Don’t believe me…well, I have been chronicling our differences in food selections the last few weeks. For the record,  I can’t stand pictures of food…but there simply is no other way to get my point across.  Take this random Friday night for instance.  After inhaling chips and salsa Mr. Chicken  Fry ordered the full mexican dinner plate.  I order my usual, a grilled chicken breast and a side of lettuce, tomato and avocado thank you very much. 



 I have an idea…let’s play a little game.  You pick which meal is mine.  OK…ready go.






He is everything fried and cheesy and I’m all things grilled and green!!!!  

So take a quick gander into our pantry.  Top row cereal shelf.  I’m the first three boxes on the left.  

Mr. Chicken Fry and baby girl’s selections are on the right!  Now look at the second row…which side do you think is mine?  

Multigrain chips, pretzels, and nuts.  Look at his side…he had nuts alright, do peanut M&M’s even count?  If you could see our freezer you would see my edamame and selection of lean meats.  Then you would see Mr. Chicken Fry’s two gallons of Blue Bell icecream and baby girl’s chicken nuggets and pizza.  

I walk in all sorts of food temptation people.  I get it. You have to be strong and  visualize your finish line.  Look. I’m still eating a meal out with my favorite person I’m just ordering a healthier alternative.  And why Mr. Chicken Fry may not want to build lean muscle I do…and I’m committed to it regardless of the peer pressure to sit by the pool and sip on something cold.  

Happy Wednesday yall.

Love, peace and as Mr. Chicken Fry would say…more bacon grease!  

Isn’t he so handsome!!  xo


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