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The SURGE 2 videos

Look what I found?  A new gym torture device toy…a water toy to be exact!  Don’t let the light weight plastic tube fool you.  When I add water to this cylinder of fun, it’s no laughing matter.

The SURGE is deceiving because at first glance it doesn’t appear to be a grade “A” challenge.  Deception over, the very second I move into motion. Holy water works…moving this water baby sideways or over head is straight up gangster!  Enter the uncoordinated slosh and wave phase.  So glad I didn’t demonstrate any of the moves without practice.  I almost fell to the ground twice. Oops,  better let some water out Angi!! Ahem Ahem…let me begin again.  In my expert opinion, even the most coordinated FITness professional and core strong workout warrior will surly be tested by the SURGE. It will take many moons before I’m a polished SURGER!

Let’s get started.  The surge offers REACTIVE stability training and dynamic fluid resistance traning.  Sounds technical and fancy no?  It has two handle grips that can be used four ways.  It can also be held as a rack, over head or over the shoulder. The SURGE has measurement markers on the side which distinctly show how much water to add and how much weight is being distributed. (Pay much attention to this area)  It maxes out at between 30-33 lbs. which is really about 100 lbs. 😬.

Side bar… I was thankfully alone the day my new present arrived.  I quickly opened the box and rushed to the kitchen sink. Fearing it would take forever and bearing zero patience,  I took it outside and inserted the hose.  I anticipated it would take more than 10 seconds to fill, so I casually walked back when I noticed it was close to capacity.  At mock speed, I turned to make a run to the faucet but before I made it, the water hose popped out and began to flail and fling about drenching me and my iPhone. I cut off the water and watched my brand new SURGE roll right off of the rock ledge and drop into doggy poop.  🙈💩🙈💩.  It was a quintessential calamity of user errors! 😂😂 Go ahead and laugh…I sure did.  😂😂 Note: water hose does not need to be at full blast!!

This was going to take way to long for me! 

This highly useful piece of equipment gets an Abercrombie & FITness rating of 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️’s. It’s multi use functions are endless once you get familiar with the interia factor.  The best part is, it  can be used anywhere!  Literally anywhere.  Gym, home, outside or hotel room, beach, park.  Drain it and pack it baby!  I plan to take it with me to the lake house this weekend.  It’s much lighter than hauling a bunch of weights and med balls.

This bad boy offers hard core…no pun intended, maximum core stability workout.  High speed motions such as chops, sweeps, rows and water dumping, (because one never knows when it might be useful) you want to keep the water level low for fluid resistance training and a heavier water load for deadlifts, squats and lunges.              ⇓   ⇓   ⇓     ⇓     ⇓     ⇓ click the link below for a quick video

Abercrombie & FITness welcomes the SURGE – VIDEO

The story behind the SURGE just wrapped this up with a pretty pink  car size bow for me.  A super FIT TEXAS firefighter developed this tool from sheer genius and necessity. Cory Jones has brain and brawn.  I hope to shake his hand soon!  He developed the SURGE from motivation to replicate the physical demands of first resonders.  Most workouts and physical preparation never involves balanced stable symmetrical movements.  Yet as a fireman, the majority of resistance is in a continuous state of change.  Cory’s ingenious idea to train using real world demanding resistance training.  Don’t you just want to clap and be excited for an out of the box thinker who acted on his impulse?  DRIVEN!!

So if you are a FITness enthusiast looking for a way to step up your training or an athlete who needs control or redirect from an opponent in an intense environment, the SURGE is your new BFF!

Surge Workout 15 minute SURGE a thon

Five moves – One minute – repeat 8-10 times at 10-15 reps a piece!

Disclaimer: please consult a doctor to be sure you are active and healthy enough for workout.  Additionally, Abercrombie & FITness nor the Surge are liable or responsible for injuries or problems associated with using the these techniques and or this equipment.   

Love, peace and Get the SURGE Please!



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