Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Thanks GIVE-away

Hey Turkeys...we are entering into a season of THANKSGIVING!  Be excited with me because I have some goodies coming your way.  I proudly partnered up with my fun friends at Blue-Emu to bring you some special stuff. Relax folks, this isn't the mega millions, but none the less an EASY opportunity to WIN some FREE,… Continue reading Thanks GIVE-away

Bringing Sweaty Back

ExSoothe me! 

I'm so ready for Summer.  Aren't you?  Summer has a beat of its own and I'm chomping at the bits for some play time. Summer brings a slower pace and tranquility that SOOTHES and revitalizes the soul.  A nice break from the morning madness, the making of the lunches and the afternoon carpool mommy routine. In… Continue reading ExSoothe me!