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VIP @ Toyota Music Factory

One of the coolest aspects of my blogging career is the opportunity to evaluate and experience swanky foods, gizmos and try new places.

Even when it comes with a cost…the hassle of taking off my pajamas or sweats on a school night in exchange for a head banging night out on the town at a rock CONCERT!!

I can still hang.  I’m no stranger to slipping into full concert regalia and into a legit concert mind-set.  I embrace the all out singing, dancing, clapping, hair, hand and somebody pass me a lighter to wave kind of  gig.  Turn it up!

Y’all, if you haven’t experienced Dallas’ newest event venue you’re missing out. The Toyota Music Factory is officially open.  Don’t freak!   It’s only been open for a month.  Lucky for  me, I didn’t miss the legendary rocker Sammy Hagar. who played the venue two weeks ago but more about that in a minute.    

For all of you “I can’t leave the comforts of the bubble” suburb folks who hate to venture all the very long way into Dallas you’re in luck. I’m talking to you friends in  Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake, Grand Prairie, Flower Mound, Plano, Farmers Branch and my Coppell peeps.  The Music Factory is a stones throw. As the crow flies it’s basically 4-6 miles away.

The Toyota Music Factory is centrally located in Las Colinas. (that’s fancy for Irving, Texas) It’s an indoor and outdoor concert style amphitheater seating at max, 8,000 humans..  The arena can be closed for a more intimate gathering of 4,000 people like it was for the charming Harry Styles concert last Tuesday.

Me, Mr. Chicken Fry and the teen queen were treated like royalty.  The concert bar has been set, come along for the ride because we had the full VIP treatment.

So My Mr. Chicken Fry purchased tickets to Harry Styles to surprise our teen queen.  She almost lost her mind and was beyond giddy with humble adoration.  Just before approaching the will-call window, outside of the VIP lounge area, we were at random selected for an upgrade.  The fine folks at the Texas Lottery were giving away four upgraded seats to the special VIP section.  RIGHT THIS WAY…!!!   Now who’s giddy?  


We were kindly escorted through the VIP entrance into a very hip private lounge area.  As seen in the video, the lounge features a full service bar, couch and chairs, TV and two private bathrooms. Stopping for a refreshment to take in the scenery before continuing on our very important person tour.  We walked through some double doors into what felt like a back stage entrance.  It fed us out to stage right ground level just off the side of the concession area.  We were escorted up the stairs to the second level into a private box suite.  The (mundane) seats were perfectly centered with a spectacular view.  What’s more was the blue BUTTON!  Whas this really happening?



We had VIP service. With one push of a button, a friendly waitress appeared and offered up a food and drink menu.  (snore, yawn, I’m so totally use to this kind of luxury….lol)  Not really, but I can totally get use to it.  On the menu was a small but nice variety of sorts.  Choices from FUZZY’s tacos, pizza, nachos and something else.  I can’t remember.  I opted for the shredded chicken tacos that were delivered right to my seat in less than 6 minutes.  STOKED!  The menu also included anything from the full service bar.  The wine list was quite impressive for a concert venue. *yes I’m a wine snop) So sue me!   Several varieties of white, sparkling and red however, as of right now they are pushing bottle service.  I will say the wines were all moderately priced in the $35-45 range so if you aren’t drinking alone it’s a decent investment for a three hour show start to finish.

These are some of my daughters friends that I ran into on the way to my VIP seats. Check out the view!  I think the box of seats we were in held 24 total seats. Most convenient for the frequent bathroom goeers like myself. 

The lounge was cozy and easily accessible from the VIP seats.  It was nice to know I didn’t have to stand in line for a bathroom break.  The little things right!  It was so well done with fresh flowers and fun facts about Harry.  Also in the corner was a free Harry styles cut out photo booth.  The teen queen thought she was oh so big time and in hog heaven!

img_6524The Toyota Music Factory is literally the perfect size.  It’s not so giant that you walk for days just to get a refreshment.   It’s a casual family friendly environment and super well done in my opinion.  The lawn seating reminds me of a way better starplex.  It’s quaffed and groomed will be athletically maintained.

When we saw Sammy Hagar a few weeks back we had VIP 3rd row seats. One of my dear friends and training clients invited us as the last-minute.  It pays to be strictly spontaneous.   I could literally see Sammy’s nose hairs.  He was incredibly amazing.  Talented to his toenails.  The energy in the arena was palpable.  img_5856


The diversity in the two concerts was hysterical.  When we saw Sammy the age range was rough 40-75 years of age.  You can only imagine the ages at Harry…6-60 year old girls and women.  Harry brought out about one trillion young females screaming, singing and crying their hearts out.  At the risk of sounding old, I thought at one point my ear drums were going to explode.  It was uber LOUD! I guess this is a wonderful testiment to the steller sound system. Chicken Fry was one of about 20 dad’s who took one for the team.

 Now you may be asking yourself how any of this relates to FITness?  Never, rarely have I ever, sat still on my booty in a chair at a concert! Even though I didn’t know many of Harry’s songs I still stood and did my fare share of girating. Shoot, at Sammy I was busting out some groovy dance moves from back in the day.  I concluded the equation which is music moves me to dancing and dancing burns calories therefore…my cardio vascular dance moves and laser walking to the bathroom so I don’t miss a single note, qualifies the excursion as FItness related. So there you go!  

I’m so looking forward to more exciting nights on the town.  What’s more is the growing surrounding area.  Bar Louie’s is a fun hot spot a block away.  It’s convenient to hit this restaurant up before or after a concert.  Every week new relevant bars and restaurants in the two block range are popping up and opening. The Thirsty Lion is also now open!   It’s going to be GREAT fun and I know you will just love it.

Check the Toyota Music Factory web site for upcoming events and shows.  They have like 68 shows booked between now and the new year.


Show nights – $10 and varies on non-show nights from lunch to dinner.Parking is available in the TMF Garage, located on The Toyota Music Factory development or the Urban Tower Garage. Click here for details. Valet rate:Show nights – $20 for event parking.  Valet parking is available and is offered in various locations throughout the Toyota Music Factory.  Local transit:Toyota Music Factory is also served by the DART Orange Line as well as the Irving People Mover System.

Special thanks to the Texas Lottery for the sha-wanky upgrade.  A mature adult like myself sure appreciated it.  I could have easily been trapped in the sea of drooling, screaming, gasping teenagers.  Instead I was sipping white wine and eating tacos with my boo!

Love, sing and be a VIP!!

Angi xo





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