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Weight loss & grapefruit ??

The fine folks at Pressabottle put out a great read this week.  I humbly asked permission for a re-blog. So this days post is proudly sponsored by Pressabottle.  

Y’all know I’m not a gimmicky, fan of fad hyped up ,get skinny quick diet plans.  What I’m about and what I preach is clean eating coupled with and weekly sweat sessions aka dedicated workouts.  That being said the information below FITs right into the Abercrombie and FITness philosophy #abercrombiefitnessphilosophy.  


How To Lose Weight By Eating … Grapefruit?

When you think of a new diet you don’t often think of adding foods to your diet but one trick/ technique/ get skinny fast plan or whatever you want to call it, is the grapefruit diet. The grapefruit diet isn’t just another fad, it actually dates all the way back to the 1930’s. The diet claims that by eating a grapefruit before every meal it allows enzymes in the grapefruit to help burn fat. There are many variations and claims about the diet that suggest you can lose up to 10 pounds in 10-12 days.

Pressed water made with grapefruit

Grapefruit is a fantastic source of vitamin C and also has many other nutritional benefits. According to grapefruit is one of their top 6 fat burning foods. It burns fat by helping lower insulin in the body. This slightly decreased insulin level stops the body from storing as much sugar and fat. A high insulin level tells your body its time to eat. By decreasing the insulin in your body, it helps curb your appetite and cravings and that is really the hardest part of any diet.
A high insulin level tells your body its time to eat. By decreasing the insulin in your body, it helps curb your appetite and cravings, that really is the hardest part of any diet.
“This all sounds great but who eats that many grapefruits!”
Your right eating a grapefruit before every meal isn’t practical but what about a few small steps?
1) Try having a grapefruit before breakfast each morning or start with a few days a week.
2) Try a grapefruit juice in the morning – be sure to have pulp and no sugar added
3) Put grapefruit in your Pressa Bottle and press grapefruit into your water.
Hint: Pressed water made with grapefruit and mint is fantastic!
Pressed water with grapefruit and mint
Making a few subtle changes in your diet can help your health and weight exponentially. Most of all these changes don’t need to change you or your lifestyle. Small steps add up!

Don’t you just love this!  I knew you would.  Now I do want  to add my two cents.  Grapefruit is powerful. There is a reason that grapefruit in one of the only fruits that comes with a big disclosure.

DID you know???

Grapefruit interacts with more medications than any other known substance. At last count grapefruit was implicated in adverse reactions with 85 different drugs and that number continues to climb. Staggering the time between grapefruit or grapefruit juice consumption and medication consumption does not help.

Additionally, Grapefruit remains  in your system for upwards of 24-hours once ingested and for that entire time will interact with medications. People aged 45 and older buy the most grapefruit and the most medications. This number increases with age. Older adults have more medical problems than younger people leaving them even more vulnerable to the adverse effects of drug interactions with grapefruit.

Grapefruit can cause serious adverse reactions with cholesterol drugs (statins), anti-histamines, blood pressure drugs (calcium channel blockers), psychiatric medications, intestinal medications, immune suppressants, pain medications, Viagra, HIV medications, and cardiac medications to name a few.

When taking any of these medications the best advice would be to exclude grapefruit or grapefruit juice from your diet and consult your pharmacist or family doctor to double-check for negative interactions.


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Stay tuned on Thursday for a post called IS IT TRUE?!  Today’s guest post infused by Pressabottle inspired me to clear up some of the myths in the FITness foodie world.  Don’t miss it…enquiring minds want answers!  Special thanks to Jesse for the guest post!

Tomorrow, be sure to check back in and read all about my rocking experience at the Toyoyta Music Facatory!

Love, hydrate and lift weights!

Angi xo


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