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SOCK it to me (workout video)

It’s that time again.  Time to tell you how much I LOVE the only socks that will ever wear grace my flat feet.   They are called FEETURES and there is NO other before them.

This is not the first I have mentioned my loyalty and adoration for FEETURES.  I have touted them a ton of times.

Like in this post called SOCKS MATTER!  Who knew??

I spread the word, not for any particular benefit or reason.  But every morning when I pull them over my 8.5 narrow feet, I’m reminded of how much I cherish these colorful socks.

Years before I found FEETURES, I thought I had to wallow in cheap socks that shrunk in the wash.  I was under the impression I had to muddle through painful big budging blisters.  I didn’t know any better.  I was unaware that there was a sock with true staying power.  A pillar of unshakeable anatomical compression and IWick fabric.

I love bright bold colors even in the fall and winter time.  These are my three latest and greatest pair.  I wear a Feetures Medium ELITE, light cushion no show tab!  There is no irritating toe seam and the targeted compression to the arch is much appreciated.

Do yourself a favor: Buy a pair and give a pair.

Surprise your spouse,  student ahtlete, trainer or workout partner with a pair.  FEETURES socks are a mandatory staple piece of active gear for any runner, workout warrior, or overall FITness enthusiast.  There is litereally a sock for every sport.  Cheering, hiking, cycling, biking, running, jogging, lifting, walking, strolling…you name it they got it!

If you aren’t as into  bright colors as I’m, you can choose solid color socks, black or white.   I’m telling you this sock can do NO WRONG!  They are worth every pretty penny you spend!  Check this out if you don’t  believe me ⇒Tid Bit Tuesday: FEETURES


These bad boys get me the throught the tuffest workouts and cardio sessions known to man! Here is some proof.

​ Pli’e squats using the SURGE water resistance training.  20 reps 10 each side

Bar squats 15 reps heavy

Push up tap backs 20 reps 10 each side (20 total push ups)​

​ Single leg Hamstring curls 15 each side

Ham string curls with a machine  20 total

Single leg dead lifts 10 each side heavy

***Add a one minute plank in-between each set.  Recommended 3-5 sets

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Love, lift and be FIT

Angi xo




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