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Daddy’s Girl

Good Monday morning folks and a BIG Texas size shout out to all of the dapper dads out there…I hope you had a sweet Father’s Day. Warning: this post is full of boastful braggadocios compliments…more like a love fest and less FITness fest today!   

See this guy?  That’s my dada, my dad, my father, my daddy!  Pretty stellar don’t you  think?  

So, what does it really mean to be a “daddy’s girl”?

If it means hanging onto his every word and belly laughing at each joke or long winded story, well then I guess I qualify.  It’s official, I’m a daddy’s girl!  After all, He is man who’s partially responsible for significant portions of my genetic code.  If it were not for him I might not have water ski long flat Fred Flinstone feet! Thanks a lot big guy. He is also creditworthy of my nonexistent sense of direction and the power to walk away from a desert table!  We love us some sweets, we can’t help it!  

For as long as I can remember I have held my daddy on a Jack & the beanstalk high pedestal. In my eyes, he is more than deserving of my love, respect and adoration.

Dad is an entrepreneur and has operated a family owned business for almost 44 years.  His small practice as an optician and audiologist has served him well. Check out ANDERSON OPTICAL & HEARING AIDS.  He is a career work horse dedicated to the hard-earned American dream.  I bet his total days of missed work in the last 40 years can be counted on one and half hands. He has been happily married to MY MOTHER  for 45 years and together they raised me and my baby brother. In three days daddy will be 66 years young!  FIT as a fiddle..but he would say a little too thick thru the middle.  (I got my body dismorphia from dear ol dad) lol.   

Maybe I’m a daddy’s girl because I identify with his structured and methodical business mind and tendencies.  If I do say so myself, I inherited almost all of his best unique attributes in the marketing arena.  He has a way with words and is an eloquent public speaker.  I also caught on to his  borderline OCD cleanliness and early to bed sleep habits. Unfortunately, I didn’t land those crystal baby blue eyes.

My daddy isn’t a rock star celebrity, billionaire ordeacon in the church.  BUT… He is a child of Christ, husband, business owner, dad, grand father, father in law, brother, son, and uncle.  He  is also been known as a beach bum, lake rat, a city slicker cowboy, hunter, red wine snob, gun carrying republican,   and overall active and FIT human being.  Did I mention that he can fix (aka repair) anything in the entire world? engine’s, plumbing, electronics and appliances…he’s that dad!  (However, is and was not the dad to call in the middile of the night…HE’s SLEEPING!)

Daddy does have mad skills and patience!   He is a grade A doer.  On the weekends, he is active doing his manley man chores.  He also power walks and rides bikes with mom.  He is suppose to be doing sit up and push ups every morning  but like all of us, he isn’t bulletproof or perfect!  

He is a simple, hardworking, kind-hearted man who, without harsh instruction, taught me valuable discipline, strength and character.  Daddy is a living testament to actions speak louder than words!  I place great value in his opinion and his Godly integrity.  I see him pray, praise, cry, and lead. I watch him love, serve, give and grow. He is a thinker and responds well under pressure…(unless it’s the dessert table). Remember I already told you, he can’t help it!

So…sue me…I’m a daddy’s girl!  

Abercrombie and FITness salutes you Daddy T.  Without your blueprint of influence, prayers and words of affirmation there is no Angi Tene’t.  You have helped me dust off mistakes and encouraged me to keep moving.  Thanks daddy!  

Love always, your one and only #1 D

PS. Daddy has no clue how or where to even follow my blog!  LOL  I guess I get my tech savvy skills from mom!  shhhh  

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  1. What a nice tribute to your Dad.

    Mine died three years ago and I still miss his humor and wisdom. I only wish I had paid closer attention to the wisdom part and had his easy going slightly type A personality rather, in some cases, my solid goal driven one.

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