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Netflix Binge: by Stephanie

Hello my name is Stephanie and I’m an Netflix Binge-aholic….


Seriously ya’ll, it’s a problem.  Oh, it started off innocently enough several years ago, but has definitely grown to something larger.  I kept hearing everyone talking about some zombie show called “The Walking Dead”.  Zombies? Cool….  Blood and Guts?… Even better! 


(For the record, I am a nurse, so pretty much nothing is going to faze me.  Well, except when there is an animal that a zombie attacks.  I do have my limits.)


So I tuned in and watched Episode 1.  I was hooked.  I finished Season 1 in 2 days.  Then there was Season 2,3,4 etc.  Needless to say, my husband and son had to survive on their own for a while.  I’m sure they were able to scavenge for food for survival as they are still here to this day, but I have no recollection of it.  It’s still one of my favorite shows.  (Except for the animal parts… still can’t watch those.  I’ll walk into the other room until that part is over.)  My husband had the audacity to look at me during one of those episodes and say “Wait up…. You can watch a human be eaten alive, but lawdy, don’t let a horse get it.  Do you realize how crazy that is??”   Seriously??  It’s like the man doesn’t even KNOW me!  But I digress…


I’m shocked at how many TV shows are available on Netflix.  Like, you totally don’t even need cable anymore!  Which brings me to my next topic.


What do you do when the series is over?  I’ve now watched all the episodes of “Jane the Virgin” that is on The CW. (Don’t worry, nothing risqué.  Accidental artificial insemination and the hilarity that ensues afterward.)  I’ve caught up so that I’m having to watch it on regular cable and “gasp” fast forward thru the commercials. 


Over the last several months, I’ve grown to love these characters.  I feel like I have a vested interest in whether Jane ends up with Rafael or goes running back to her first true love Michael.  What happens to Petra and the Hotel Marbella?  It’s the Series Finale this season!  I need the story to keep evolving.  There are so many questions I still need answers to!  Yes, my life will obviously continue, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not a little heartbroken that this American Telenovela is coming to an end.


I’m finally over my depression of “Hart of Dixie” with Rachel Bilson being finished and now I am going to have to move on from Jane.  Ready to start my next Series ya’ll!  What’s your favorite?  What is something you watch on Netflix that is a “must see”?  Help a sister out!

I’ll just be over here contemplating another glass of wine.  😊

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