Bringing Sweaty Back, Metabolism Monday


Redundant is such a fun word to say.  My lips like the way it rolls off of the tongue and bounces around ending with a sharp T.

I also very much appreciate the meaning. Enough is enough! Superfluous banter is overrated!

Unless you are a mother, parent, educator, coach, or personal trainer!

This is my personal requiem and excuse for repetition. I think overkill comes with the territory of these job titles…trainer, mom and household manager of everything except the garbage!  (I don’t do trash)   You would have to agree that these roles scream repetitive jibber jabber.  Whah whah whah…

Turn off the bathroom light. (sigh)

Shut the door please.

Turn off the lights.

Sit up straight.

Be careful.  Make good choices.  Call me when you get there.

Turn the lights OFF…pretty please?!?

Tidy your room.

Sit up straight.

Please be cautious and make good choices!


Roll those shoulders back and stand up tall.

I bet my clients are so sick of hearing my redundant mantras in the gym.

Belly button to the spine.

Tight tummies ladies.

Everyone, keep your abs tight.

Engage your abdomen

Roll those shoulders back and stand up tall.

Keep your chest lifted

Lead with your butt not with your chest

Stand up straight

Screw your heels into the ground

Soft knees

Spot up!


Keep a slight bend in the knees

Look up into the mirror!

Breath and exhale

These and several other slang terms are useful words I use at nauseam.  Over and over again all day everyday! But I MEAN it!  it’s not some broken record trainer talk…If I say it I MEAN IT!

I want my clients to HEAR my voice when they are not in my prescence.  I want to be a little soft voice in the car, sitting at their desk, cleaning house, standing in the grocery line, cooking dinner, while getting their hair done, shopping, sitting on a airplane or bus.  If my repetitive voice can help folks implement healthy practices into their everyday life…my job is done!

The value in forced repetitive speak can be ultra powerful.  Take music for instance, you listen and you listen to a song and before know every word.

My goal as a personal trainer is for my clients to be habitual mindful of their stance in every exercise.  This is to practice good form and engaging the core. Training the abs to fully tighten takes mindfulness and practice.  It’s hard to chew gum, type and hold your tummy in!  But it’s possible.

It’s also possible to talk on the phone, stir spaghetti sauce, hold your tummy tight and set the table.  My job is to remind people to do these things in hope that it will stick.

Like parenting…I’m also educating my clients.

Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t as boring and bland as you might think.  Yes, sacrifice of eating the same foods over and over is inevitable but the flavors can change.   Many people with a wide variety pallet may think healthy eating is mundane but it can be bold and spicy.

Last night I cooked a hefty helping of ground turkey.  I added minced garlic, lemon pepper, jalapeño, lime, onion, broth, salt, oregano, cumin and basil.  The turkey was delicious and flavorful.  I paired it with avocado on a rice cake and hot sauce.  It was simple and devine.

A second choice would have been lettuce wraps and add fresh cilantro, corn and lime juice.  Kick around flavors to keep it less redundant.

Alas…another goal is that when my clients whip into a fast food restaurant or a five star dining they hear my voice just before they order.

“No cheese, dressing on the side, no oil no butter, sauce on the side.”  WATER WATER WATER! Will you please substitute the fries for steamed rice!

This is the ordering of a champion student.

As my voice carries into the minds of my students, friends and child, the better the chance for safety, low fat, high protein, low calorie eating.  Posture and overall game comes with the territory.  A smaller waist line and new clothes are on the horizon.

The Abercrombie and FITness repetitive speak isn’t so annoying now.  The Charlie Brown mom’s voice whaa whaa whaa pays off if your open to listening and putting it into play!


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Have a wonderful WEEK!


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Love LIFT and be FIT


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