Bringing Sweaty Back


Happy Birthday to my baby girl!

SEVENTEEN years old today, which will forever be dualy distinguished as “Twenty August Sixth,” I labored for fourteen hours before giving birth to Presley Tene’t Abercrombie.

On August 26th…three and half weeks early the Lord blessed us with a miniture sized human weighing in at a whopping five pounds seven ounces.

Today, she is a healthy, tall, brown eyed blondie with a brain. I’m so honored to be her mom. Presley, also known as the teen queen, has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. She’s kind, responsible and loves the Lord.

She has a thick vocabulary and an infectious laugh! Her sarcastic sense of humor is witty and wise. Basically she has a hefty way with words, which sometimes causes problems when she disagrees with my / our parenting. She’s an avid negotiator with mad skills.

Now with a small part time job, school, lacrosse and a full time social schedule I barley see my busy bundle of joy! I blame Mr.Chicken Fry. It’s all his fault for listening to my parade of reasons why she needed her own vehicle. Now he listens! Lol.

It’s also hard to beleive that this time last year she wasn’t even an official driver! If you missed it, check out the Super sized surprise SWEET SIXTEEN!

This past year has been a wild time of change, instruction and freedom. Our family unit was hacked by the car. Presleys new found freedom as a driver was liberating for all of us. Yet truth be known I have deeply missed the one on one time incapsulaed car rides.

Boundaries became a big thing. And somehow like life has a way of doing we have all moved on and accepted the new normal. She’s growing up! She’s seventeen and by my calculations that means I have two more years exactly to love on her, get all up in her business, annoy her, and squeeze her as tight as I can!

Today I celebrate my lovely, hysterical, stunning daughter.

I hear you, I see you and I love you!

Your talent is so broad and this is just the beginning of defining yourself as a young adult I cherish the times I hear you playing the guitar and singing. My heart leaps when I watch you score a goal or make a fantastic play.

You are a joy…(mos of the time).

Today I celebrate your healthy happy seventeen years of precious heart warming memories. inspire me to be a stronger person.

I admire youe genuine sense of self respect.

I love you baby girl.

May you be richly blessed and all of your dreams come true.

Happy happy birthday to one creative, intelligent, one of a kind girl.





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