Bringing Sweaty Back

Best of 2018 (workout series)

Welcome to the Abercrombie and FITness knock out "BEST of WORKOUT" edition for  2018! I can't believe another year is drawing to a close. While some parts of the year seem to crawl by, long cold winter days, others fly past fast and furious zooming by in such a hurry. I can't believe we are… Continue reading Best of 2018 (workout series)

Bringing Sweaty Back, FITness Videos

 Midweek calorie crushers

Workout warrior,  I have some advanced exercises for you to try.  This isn't your greasy grannie's workout, ok!  These are "Grade A" moves.  Get as much bang out of your workout as possible!  Spend that dedicated time wisely and train two or three or why not four, muscles groups at a time.  Ready, set, go! … Continue reading  Midweek calorie crushers

Bringing Sweaty Back

Sometimes you just have to put on your big girl panties!

Mountain Climbers and burpees are equivalent to bringing out the big guns!  You gotta grind, dig deep and put on your big boy undies or big girl panties and move!  It's time to graduate to the good stuff.  These two exercises are difficult but beyond effective.  Every ounce of energy you put into a mountain climber… Continue reading Sometimes you just have to put on your big girl panties!