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Stop…in the name of LOVE

Girl Scout cookies are everywhere!!!  You can’t escape it unless you live and/or work in some obscure deep dark deserted hole under the earth.  So unless you’re a coal miner on an undercover sting operation, you are suspect to all of the Valentine treats scattered at every turn.  Pink and red are literally every where…candy on the desks of your colleagues and on the shelves at every store.  Your kids bring home “Will you be my Valentine” love notes with lollypops and gum attached.  All of your girlfriends are hosting parties with wine and cup cakes out the wa-zoo. Layer that with…baby it’s cold outside…yikes, what do you do?

I’ll tell you what you do, you RUN for your life.  Sprint and hide in the dark dusty hole below the earth’s surface until spring has sprung.   Is that a bit too dramatic?   

I’ll give you dramatic…  How about you “exercise” some discipline and your privilege to say no thank you.  FOCUS on FIT!

But how do you resist the temptation for cookies, sweet tarts and chocolate at every turn?  Here are a few tips.


Skip the hot chocolate and go for the hot tea with a bit of lemon and honey. 

Skip the wine and have a club soda with a splash of wine…spritzer.

Skip the vanilla latte and go for hot coffee with skim milk and honey.

Skip the candy and have some skinny cow or chocolate special k cereal for the love of FITNESS~!

This is what I call, SIMPLE, SAVVY SELECTIONS. By using my savvy select process you learn how to make better bad choices when temptation is all up in your face.   My simple savvy selections offer big pay offs when trying to take it off and keep it off…weight that is!!!



Planning a hot date with your hubby or Valentine sweetie?  

Perhaps your night looks something like this…

Drinks before dinner, bread, possibly a shared appetizer, salad or bowl of soup, big heavy meal, bottle of wine, topped off with dessert two forks and a night cap.

Try to eat one piece of bread instead of the whole loaf.  If you are too tempted ask the waiter to remove the bread and bring crackers.  Order your salad cheese less  and dressing free.  Ask for balsamic dressing on the side and learn to dip not drench.  If you choose soup make sure it is broth based, NOT cream based. Order a grilled chicken breast or a very lean cut of steak or fish.  Ask for your meat to be grilled with no butter or oil.  If the meat has a sauce politely ask for the sauce on the side.  Additionally, order steamed veggies and a baked potato dry or steamed rice with no butter or cheese.  Enjoy your wine.  After all you passed on the appetizer and the bread.  Your reward for the savvy ordering and selection process is a bite or two of the dessert!  

Roses are Pink

Violets are Blue

make SAVVY SELECT apart of you! 

Angi xo

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